News roundup for April 10: Now we know which mouthwash Godzilla uses

Not a lot to report for this week, but there were a couple of fun nuggets:

  • The Shinjuku Godzilla statue was holding a giant cup of Isodine this week, making me wonder what other product placement opportunities may crop up in the future. I dunno, it also sort of looks like he’s about to pour it onto the poster for The Revenant.

godzilla isodine

  • The Ninninger V-Cinema movie is bringing Pretty Cure animators in for a couple of anime sequences, which is nice synergy considering that the shows shared a programming block.

  • I was skeptical about the use of CGI for Tatsunoko’s Infini-T Force, but this looks great. Since Imagi’s Gatchaman movie fell through, this may be the next best thing.

  • Takashi Shimizu’s new movie Rain Woman appears to be pulling a lot of the same scares that his Grudge series has been doing for 20 years:

  • Here’s an ad for the Terra Formars TV prequel, and a clip of one of the fights from the movie itself. I’m a little disappointed that the clip doesn’t end with Kane Kosugi inexplicably quipping about being a vegetarian.

  • The colorized edition of the original Yugioh manga doesn’t look half bad:

  • Kodansha is releasing the Akira manga unflipped for the first time in an English translation. While only available in a $200 complete set, it’s about time to have the art as initially drawn.
  • A new King Kong comic, Kong: Skull Island is coming from Boom, doing the typical prequel stuff.

boom kong

  • A sequel to Edge of Tomorrow is moving forward. I wonder if Hiroshi Sakurazaka will be contributing at all, considering that the source novel, All You Need is Kill, is standalone.
  • Adam Wingard’s Death Note movie is looking to be a Netflix original. What a world we live in where the Japanese original plays in US theaters while the Hollywood remake may not!
  • Okay, Ford wins the award for geekiest automobile advertising department forever.


Forgot this initially, but the CBLDF spent March (Women’s History Month) doing a series of posts called “She Changed Comics.” Mangaka covered:

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