Special edition: Shin Godzilla Resurgence!

Lots of news hit today about Godzilla Resurgence, including the first non-leaked body shot and the new trailer:

Those miniatures! Those daylight shots! The framing! That music! Those cameos! Color me completely delighted; it’s a fine juxtaposition to the 2014 Godzilla trailer that this starts by showing us the monster and then cuts to the human cast after the star has been established.

The website has this image and the tagline “Japan vs. Godzilla”, only with Japan and Godzilla represented by the kanji for “reality” and “fiction” respectively (it was confusing for a moment).

shin godzilla full body

It was also announced that the movie will be in IMAX, 4DX, and MX4D, and that the soundtrack will be available July 29.

Still waiting with baited breath for any sort of news about international distribution; here’s hoping to a great toy line, too…

Update: The cast list is out, and Astounding Beyond Belief deserves a damned medal for this rundown of past kaiju actors.

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