Weekly news recap for 4/16: Godzilla figures and Magical Girls

News recap time! Let’s kick things off with some updates on Godzilla Resurgence merchandise:

  • Ask, and ye shall receive, I guess. When the trailer hit earlier this week, I wrapped up the post about it speculating about international distribution and toy lines. Still no reliable word about an American release (claims circulating social media about it going straight to DVD stateside are based on a slapdash imdb edit with no verification), but there has been some movement on the figurine front. First, we have this Banpresto lottery figure (giving us the first look at the new Godzilla’s feet!), a whopping 35 cm going for 620 yen per ticket… no idea what the odds of winning said lottery would be, but I bet these suckers will be showing up on ebay and the convention scene for regular sale. There’s a lot of other stuff in the lottery as well (magnet, ruler, rubber strap, poster, minifigs, and a clear file).

shin godzilla lottery

Banpresto is also adding to the whole Godzilla/Evangelion cross-promotion with a new poster from Shinji Nishikawa. I’m assuming that’s not supposed to be the 2016 version of Godzilla in the poster, but who knows at this point?

nishikawa gve

At the same time, information on Bandai’s line started to trickle out. Some of the old stuff from last decade is getting reissued, but two new additions to the Movie Monster Series figure line are cryptically advertised as “Godzilla 2016 Monster A” and “Godzilla 2016 Monster B”. In interest of not speculating too wildly, I’ll assume that these are both variations on Godzilla himself (with a repaint or transparent glitter or something), but I can see why people could connect the dots to “Godzilla will transform” or “Godzilla will fight a mystery monster” because of this.

bandai shin godzilla

We also got some behind-the-scenes video, both for Godzilla Resurgence and Kong: Skull Island.

On to other stuff:

  • We got our first look at Scarlett Johansson as the lead in the Hollywood Ghost in the Shell movie.


While she’s not my first pick as an actress to play the Major, she does appear to fall within the standard deviations of what we’ve seen before. Also, we’re still wondering if there will be some shell-swapping over the course of the film; that could also explain some of the claims about screen testing for CGI ethnicity changes.



  • 9500 yen is a lot for a hair drier, but for a Cardcaptor Sakura fan, this might just be a justifiable expense:


  • The final episode of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars was briefly rated TV-MA by Hulu, the prudish nature of the ratings board is just the funniest thing this week.
sailor moon finale

Too intense for audiences under the age of 18!

  • Speaking of Sailor Moon, the Osomatsu brothers appear dressed as the cast on the cover of May’s issue of You magazine. I guess this means that the Sailor Moon parody wasn’t the specific cause of the first episode of Osomatsu-San getting pulled from the air?

osmatsu moon

  • Based on recent tweets, it seems “highly unlikely” to expect much more out of the Neca Pacific Rim toy line. X Plus is getting in on that property, though, and I’m sure it’ll get much expensive. Fingers crossed that a new movie happens and reignites the market.

x plus leatherback

  • James Cameron has expanded the scope of the Avatar sequels to a whopping four more movies, pretty much ensuring that we’re probably never going to see his Gunm adaptation (I mean, Elysium already cribbed from it a fair bit). I still sort of wonder what it would have been like if his Parasyte adaptation ever got off the ground, too.

That’s a wrap for this week! As a reminder, the new King Kong animated series is now up on Netflix (haven’t watched it yet; hear it’s pretty bad) and Empire of Corpses will be in theaters on Tuesday. A parting gesture, for those who appreciate both the Godzilla and Sailor Moon coverage this week, is to share this doodle by Matt Frank, and hope he makes a whole doujinshi out of it:

sailor toho

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