News recap: Mostly Redman fanart edition

Not a lot of news this week:

  • We’d initially dismissed this news due to the unusual method of promotion, but it’s looking like New World Cinemas is in fact going to be doing American distribution for Godzilla Resurgence. They’d posted something about it back in August of last year on their facebook page, using the title “Godzilla -2016” (Shin Godzilla wasn’t announced as the title until the following month) and using an image from Godzilla Final Wars (instead of the footprint teaser poster which was available at the time). Sometime later they posted this page, with no copyright information, no mention of Toho at all… it does seem sort of sketchy. However, a few folks in the know (including Toho Kingdom’s Chris Mirjahangir) have been in touch with NWC and are reporting that it is indeed on the level, not some sort of misunderstanding. NWC has updated their site and facebook page with a confirmation as well. This all still comes across as incredibly slapdash compared to other distributors I’ve seen announcements from, but for now let’s just wait and see.
New World Cinemas update

NWC’s update. I count four typos in that paragraph, so I hope they’re better with subtitles.

  • Another trailer for Sadako vs. Kayako. Every trailer looks more exciting than the last!

death note light up the new world

  • A teaser for this year’s Ultra Heroes The Live Acrobattle Chronicle stage show:

  • Dream Project Japan announced that Osaka Art University’s short movie Warrior Goddess Kanan is getting a Japanese DVD release. Fingers crossed for a showing at G-Fest!

warrior goddess kanan dvd

  • Gantz is getting a new anime film in October, adapting the Osaka arc from the manga. Since the anime series and live-action films never got close to there, I’m guessing this is one of those “you really need to have already read the manga to understand the anime” type of adaptations.
  • Arale will be making an appearance in Dragonball Super. Is this some sort of time-traveling episode, or will we get to see what a ~20 years older version of the robot girl from Dr. Slump is like? (Like, will her robot baby still be a baby?) Even so, I’m not sure if the show can be redeemed, considering the flawed animation and pointless rehashes that we’ve gotten thus far.

arale 10 years after

  • The magical-boys-dressed-as-magical-girls show Cute High Earth Defense Club Love is getting a second season in July.

In lieu of having more actual stories, I’ll round out this week by reposting some miscellaneous fanart that’s been circulating the web since Tsuburaya started posting Redman episodes on youtube. They actually just put up the episodes with Jirass (not actually made of a Godzilla costume this time), so you can go enjoy seeing the likeness of the King of the Monsters butchered by this crimson psychopath.

redman comic  redman comic 2 redman comic 3 redman comic 5 redman comic 4 redman comic 6  redman comic 7redman comic 8

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