Super short news recap

Happy Mother’s Day; enjoy a photo from the Kayako with Toshio Instagram feed:


Anyway, not much of note happened this week, so this will be short. Here’s what we got:

  • 7-11 had an exclusive repaint of Bandai’s Movie Monster Series Kiryu figure in Evangelion Unit 1 colors. Limited to 4000 figures, of course it sold out immediately.

eva kiryu

Sort of reminds me of Gigabrain’s Jet Jaguar Unit 1 repaint, also a pain in the butt to track down:

eva jaguar

Ace manga figuarts

  • The writer of Dragonball Evolution has issued an apology to fans of the franchise. Good of him to own up to it.
  • Lastly, RIP to Isao Tomita, music composer for Prophecies of Nostradamus, Mighty Jack, and many, many Osamu Tezuka adaptations.

That’s it for this week, actually. Seeya later!

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