News recap: Red Shoe Day edition

May 15th (2016) is the day on which Pacific Rim‘s Mako Mori was traumatized by the crab kaiju Onibaba, so let’s celebrate! Astounding Beyond Belief is doing a stream of the movie’s Japanese dub tonight, for those who haven’t checked that out yet.

Other upcoming events include the brief North American theatrical run of Project Itoh’s Harmony, this Tuesday and Thursday:

And a Dairanger marathon on Shout Factory May 21, hosted by August Ragone like the Zyuranger one was. Since Kakuranger hits DVD this Tuesday, maybe they’ll have another new announcement?

On to the news of the week:

  • Legendary’s Godzilla 2 has been pushed back from June 2018 to March 2019, probably not a coincidence that it was shortly after Gareth Edwards has dropped out of the project. (Oddly enough, the Godzilla vs Kong project appears unaffected and still on track for 2020.) While it’s disappointing that the film will be delayed, it’s not unexpected with Godzilla’s track record in Hollywood (remember how the 2014 film was supposed to be a 2012 film, or the 1998 movie that was originally supposed to get released in 1994?), and hopefully the end product doesn’t suffer for it. As for Edwards leaving, personally I’m not terribly broken up, since I was just lukewarm on Monsters when it came out, and while Godzilla was serviceable, I’m more curious to see what someone else would do with it.
  • Also on the Legendary front, Jurassic World script co-writer Derek Connolly will be writing the Pacific Rim sequel. He also wrote Kong: Skull Island, so I wonder if he’ll become Legendary’s equivalent of a Shinichi Sekizawa or something.
  • Moving across the ocean to Godzilla Resurgence, we’ve got a look at a new prize-figure for the Godzilla vs Evangelion promotion. Much like the Shin Godzilla figure, I imagine one must be persistent, lucky, and willing to part with some serious change to obtain one.


  • Another Godzilla Resurgence cross-promotion is with Sanrio (you know, the company whose Hello Kitty character got cut out of the home video releases of Monster Planet of Godzilla), this time with Gudetama, the lazy egg character. Apparently, more than 65 different items are planned, but here are a few of the keychains, over-representing Mothra by my count:

godzilla gudetama

  • In other kaiju news, the Heisei-era Gamera flicks are getting a 4k remaster, along with theatrical screenings in Japan. There’s a BD box set for a whopping 38000 yen, which looks like the ultimate release of the films, assuming you don’t also need subtitles. Personally I’ll probably just stick to Mill Creek’s $11 Blu rays for now.
  • There will be a new TV drama version of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time starting this July… I wonder how it’ll stack up against the TV adaptations in 1972, 1985, 1994, or the handful of cinematic ones. Funny how a story about time travel can prove itself to be so timeless, isn’t it?

murata spiderverse

  • While not a genre picture itself, this documentary on Sion Sono looks akin to the sort of fascinating insight that we got with Miyazaki in The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness:

  • Finally, another look at Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender. It still looks sort of low-budget, but more promising than the other trailers have been.

That’s everything we got for news this week! Next weekend is Anime Central, so there probably won’t be a news recap, but we’ll see!

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