Weekly News Recap… plus a G-Fest announcement!

Oh hey, howdy to any new readers sent this way after Astounding Beyond Belief told folks to bookmark this blog! Likewise I’ll say that the aforementioned tumblr page is essential reading for all things kaiju, as well as fuel for our secret obsession with Steven Universe.

Now time for a quick recap of shenanigans and goings-on in the world of Japanese SF this week:

  • Remember how just about everything in New World Cinemas’ PR campaign for Godzilla Resurgence seemed super janky? Well, yesterday, they tried to pull this on facebook (since removed):
    nwc 1which directly contradicts everything they were saying up until now with posts like this:
    nwc 2The running theory is that maybe Toho didn’t realize what a bunch of fly-by-night bush-leaguers they were and revoked the deal, but since Toho hasn’t ever confirmed that there was a deal in the first place, maybe NWC was trying to pull some sort of charade to get the license by creating the perception they already had it. Either way, fandom is breathing a temporary sigh of relief as speculation about who *will* release the movie amps up again.
  • Continuing the Godzilla news, this series of Godzilla vs. Evangelion rubber stamps is up for preorder. While most of these pairings seem arbitrary, the Shinji/Minilla duo is brilliant, and had us goofing up some other possible combos. How about Misato/Rodan? Toji/Anguirus? Fuyutsuki/King Ceasar? Gendo/Gabara? Hyuga/Varan?

gve rubber stamps

  • Bandai also has a wider release in store for Kiryu/Evangelion repaints, via some webshop exclusives out in December. The 30 cm figures do look quite nice, but pushing 300 bucks each makes it a difficult toy to endorse.


  • Shinji Nishikawa has a new manga short, Kaiju King Godzilla, in the July issue of Televi Magazine.

Nishikawa terebimagazine

godzilla attack vr namja town godzilla food

  • A trailer is up for Minoru Kawasaki’s Daikaiju Mono:

  • Ultraman Orb is getting a spinoff for Amazon Prime Japan this December. A second season of Kamen Rider Amazons was announced at the same time, to no surprise (seeing as how each episode is titled using a different letter of the alphabet, we can guarantee that it was planned for 26 episodes from the get-go). The thing that’s most promising, though, is that these two, as well as Amazon Japan’s other shows, have been teased for international release to the US, UK, and German prime members. I hope that Amazon’s involvement doesn’t squash Crunchyroll’s chances for Orb, though.

aoi nishimata rayearth

  • Life-size golden statues of Saint Seiya‘s 12 gold saints are being constructed for a 30th anniversary exhibition. It’s always weird to me how much more popular those dudes are than the actual protagonist bronze saints, but in this case gold is going to look way cooler on a mannequin.

saintseiya llifesize

  • Atom the Beginning, Tetsuro Kasahara and Masami Yuuki’s Astro Boy prequel manga running in Gekkan Hero’s, is getting an anime adaptation. As with pretty much everything running in that magazine, I’m hyped, but after the Swordgai anime appears to have fallen through I’m also a bit skeptical.
  • In a bizarre licensing choice, Funimation has picked up the rights to Momotaro: Sacred Sailors, the first full-length theatrical anime film and a WWII-era propaganda piece. It’s not exactly the sort of thing I’d expect to see at the local Best Buy between Dragonball Z and Attack on Titan.

  • Shigeru Mizuki’s grave is pretty cool. That’s not exactly news, since he had it built 30 years ago, but now that it’s actually being used as intended it’s more meaningful to visit.

mizuki grave

  • Finally, legendary baseball player Sadako Yamamura has come out of retirement to promote Sadako vs Kayako. Japanese baseball must be awesome, between this and Godzilla showing up, even when the stadiums aren’t being used to catch Gyaos or help Tak Sakaguchi battle zombies.

Last bit of housekeeping, since things are starting to gear up for the annual Godzilla Festival, held in Chicago on July 15-17 this year. Maser Patrol’s crew usually attends this con in some capacity (Kevin and Amanda almost every year, Andy on years like this when it doesn’t align with SDCC, and Alan’s been known to drop by from time to time), but this year is extra special. Despite attending since it was call G-Con, I (Kevin) have never contributed a dang thing back to the show… so far. This year that all changes, and as the schedule has been finalized I’m pleased to announce my own presentation!

All Manga Attack (hosted in the Kennedy room, 1-2 PM on Friday July 15) will, much like its namesake Godzilla flick, consist partially of “greatest hits” recycled material from other stuff we’ve written about in the past, but has a lot of crowd-pleasing new content (or, as new as one can get when talking about old comics) as well. What’s more, we’ll have a handful of thematically-appropriate prizes to give away. Anticipated audience reaction:

Figure 1: This is not manga.

I’m also sitting in on the Krazy Kaiju Moments panel (Sunday 11-noon in Kennedy) with a couple of seasoned festival vets. I don’t really know what all’s in store for that one yet, but I imagine at least one of these panels will allow me to reminisce about the time the heroine of Sign wa V got to show off her volleyball skills on Ultraman Taro.

kaiju volleyball

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to this year’s Fest; we’re live in less than 6 weeks!

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