Weekly news recap: slightly late edition

Editing the latest podcast episode sucked up a shocking amount of time, so this week’s news roundup is coming in a teensy bit delayed. Without further further ado, here’s a recap of the neat Japanese-ish genre happenings, starting, as is the custom the past few weeks, with a Godzilla-related blitz:

  • Akira Takarada is running for a position in the Japanese upper Diet. It seems like 82 is a little old to start a political career, but he’s always been energetic at the times I’ve seen him in person, so more power to him. This does raise the question of whether or not the campaign will impact his availability for this year’s G-Fest.

takarada diet

  • Speaking of G-Fest, this advertisement for their film screenings hit youtube. While I don’t attend the movie screenings at the Pickwick (because it’s a gross theater), I gotta share this trailer for the marathon since it’s nicely done. Of course, if you can’t make it out to Chicago that weekend but can make it to New York, Japan Cuts has a hell of a lineup as well.

  • Shin Godzilla is predictably getting MonsterArts treatment, though honestly for the 12960 yen price point I may wait for Neca version instead. The 1989 MonsterArts also has a commercial now; it’s a gorgeous sculpt, but I might also wait and see if they issue one that doesn’t have the bells and whistles (I mean that literally, the figure plays music!).

monsterarts shin godzilla

  • Also, since Asuka fans are jealous of the prize figure of Rei cradling an SD Godzilla, she’s getting one as well. Is it just me, or is hers more green?

asuka sd godzilla

  • There’s also a merchandise line featuring Godzilla added into traditional Japanese ukyoe. Mousepads, folding fans, lampshades, pens, notebooks, curtains, boxer shorts… I might have to just fill up a whole shopping cart.

godzilla ukyoe

More kaiju stuff:

  • The first real trailer for Ultraman Orb is out:

  • There’s also a toy line coming soon of Ultraman characters fused with cup noodles… for some reason.

  • Zetton is coming from Acro’s Kaiju Remix Series. It’s a little weird without its arms sticking out, but a pretty slick nevertheless.

Henshin heroes:

  • Guyver 2 (the female one from later in the series, not Lisker) is getting Figma treatment. It makes sense, since Figma is all about the cute girls, for the most part. The standard one is pink/light purple, while there’s a webshop version that’s darker purple. For 5370 yen, I might well be picking one up; their other Guyver figure is great.


  • A Garo TV special featuring members of the All Japan Pro Wrestling league will air on July 1. It seems like an obvious cross-promotion in restrospect; if there’s anyone with the physique to pull off the beefy Makai knight look, they’d have ’em.


Mecha news:

  • Discotek has license rescued Star Fleet! For those who’ve never seen the British dub of Go Nagai’s marrionation series X-Bomber, it’s quite a trip, and it’s only available stateside on VHS (I’ve got the British box set, which has some nice special features, such as a Gerry Anderson interview; I wonder if the US version will have them). Discotek also picked up Demon Lord Dante, and the Black Jack and Jungle Emperor movies, so keep that in mind if you don’t have their previous releases; I’ll probably double-dip on Demon Lord Dante since the previous release was censored.

Other news:

  • Watch this video to the end for the first look at the Digimon Universe anime:

  • The Genocidal Organ movie is back on track for a release in 2017, since Manglobe’s bankruptcy pushed it back. After seeing the other two Project Itoh films, I’m looking forward to this one.

  • Gen Urobuchi’s puppet TV series Thunderbolt Fantasy looks pretty awesome:

That’s a wrap for this week. Bye-nara til next time.

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