Weekly news recap for June 26

Only 18 days until G-Fest! It looks like the film festival this year won’t have much in the way of Japanese content, but that gives more time to shop, mingle, and go to panels. Speaking of which, we’re hard at work on the manga panel, so expect a special update posted about it here prior to the con.

Anyway, here’s the latest news for the past week:

  • This week we’re breaking from the de-facto tradition of starting things with Godzilla Resurgence news, due to the much more exciting revelation that Funimation finally picked up the license to the live-action Rurouni Kenshin trilogy… and they’ll be playing in US theaters! The first film plays August 8-10, the second September 12-14, and the finale October 3-5… hopefully the home video release follows faster than the Attack on Titan ones are taking.

Okay, now let’s talk Godzilla stuff.

  • An ad for Namja town’s VR attraction:

  • Bandai posted a subtitled interview with Shinji Higuchi to promote the new MonsterArts. The official pics are up for the figure, and it’s looking better than the initial pics pics. Bluefin said that they weren’t planning US distribution for anything Resurgence-related when I asked them at ACen, but since they’ll also be at G-Fest we can see if they’ve changed their tune.

monsterarts shin godzilla 3 monsterarts shin godzilla 2

gve illustrations

gve character keychains

Other news:

  • The opening credits for Ultraman Orb have been posted:

  • Tsuburaya’s looking in a much better place financially than they were four years ago. Guess their marketing strategy is working, but I’m sure making shows that don’t suck also helps.

tsuburaya returns

  • Kamen Rider Amazons is doing well enough to get a (heavily edited) TV broadcast and a Figuarts line… and one of the figures will, of course, be an amazon.co.jp exclusive. Good on it; it’s nice to have a more mature alternative to the way Rider has been going on Super Hero Time lately.


  • The suit used in the filming of Kraa The Sea Monster (and thus also Planet Patrol) just sold at auction for $1400. It’s not looking too bad for a 19 year old costume; maybe its new owner could try to crank another movie out?  Give Full Moon a nickel and they’d probably look the other way…

kraa suit

attack on titan monopoly

  • A live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie is in the works. I’ll have to wait for a trailer, but the notion is certainly more intriguing than say, Fullmetal Alchemist. Not too familiar with Kentaro Hagiwara, the director for this one, but it looks like the leads will be the guy who played Light in the Death Note TV series as Ken (he’s a little old, but otherwise seems okay), and the chick who played Yuki in Kamen Rider Fourze as Touka, which I can’t quite imagine yet.
  • After a guest appearance on Space Patrol Luluco (the Gokaiger of Trigger animation), Little Witch Academia is getting a TV series. They even did a Super Sentai-style handoff at the end of Luluco!

  • X-Files and Kindaichi Case Files are having a cross-promotional event. That’s a little weird considering that they’re not even the same genre… is it just that both have “files” in the title?

xfiles kindaichi

  • I only know Legend of the Overfiend via reputation, so I was sort of surprised by how tame this poster for the new kickstarter project looks. The monsters look neat and all, and I’m impressed with the art, but personally I don’t think I have the stomach for tentacle hentai. Still, for those who are into it, this campaign looks like they’re going about everything the right way, so in the interest of promoting all Japanese monster material, we’re sharing the link.

overfiend poster

  • Finally, they Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs released a report analyzing the risks of AI, including the possibility of a robot uprising. Hey, it’s at least as plausible as the time the CDC ran a simulation of a zombie outbreak!

That’s a wrap for this week; as always, please leave a comment if there’s something that we totally spaced out on. Later!

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One Response to Weekly news recap for June 26

  1. X-Files and Detective Conan would make much more sense. Detective Conan is set in a world that canonically has magic—per the Kaitō Kid materials—but his deductions frequently rest on the fact that magic doesn’t exist. You could totally have him and Scully teaming up to prove that what the viewer is shown is probably actually magic/aliens could theoretically have a logical explanation and their deductions caught the right person.

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