Weekly news recap: Anime Expo edition

Actually, despite the title of this week’s news recap, not much of this is actually from Anime Expo. They were selling a Studio Frederator-designed Hatsune Miku robot toy at the Good Smile booth this year, though.


Anyway, on to the news of the week:

  • Crayon Shin-chan has met a Kamen Rider or two in his day, but on July 22, there will be a special episode for Shin vs Shin Godzilla! This is about as nice as Godzilla’s looked in official animation (not counting Daicon III or Urusei Yatsura stuff), and has us wondering: is there a group that fansubs Shin-chan week to week?

shin v shin shin chan godzilla

  • Takashi Murakami threw his art into the Godzilla vs. Evangelion campaign this week:

murakami gve

  • The MonsterArts burning Godzilla is getting reissued. I know that the effects part is supposed to resemble steam, but it just sort of looks to us like he got into a fight with the Staypuft marshmallow man.

burning monsterarts effect

  • Rifftrax will be doing a live riffing of Mothra on August 18th and 23rd. This one won’t be put on home video due to rights issues, so if you want to catch this one, this would be the time.

rifftrax mothra

  • Ultraman Great and Powered are hitting BDs in Japan. I vaguely remember hearing that one of them had the masters thrown away…?

  • Volume 8 of the Ultraman manga will be bundled with a motion comic DVD. There’s also an audio CD that came come either with volume 8 or the latest issue of Hero’s.

attack on titan s2 anime

  • One Punch Man‘s Toonami trailer looks pretty good.

  • The first Digimon Adventure tri movie will play in US theaters on September 15. It’ll be a dub, so I wonder if they’ll match to the style of the old Saban dub (complete with censorship and music changes)? At least the subtitled version is still streaming.

  • A Kickstarter is up for Vampire Hunter D: Message From Mars. It looks decent, and while I’ll forever be sad that Vampire Hunter D: American Wasteland got canned, it’s nice to see a new American attempt on the franchise. This one is adapting the short story “Message From Cecile”, and since it looks like it’s completely funded, we can assume it’s more likely to actually happen.

  • Crunchyroll picked up the rights to Thunderbolt Fantasy. It looks neat and it’s really cool that they picked it up, though we’re starting to get a little antsy about their other live-action announcements…will they get Ultraman Orb? (Then again, Ultraman X was announced the day before the premiere.)

  • Here’s a behind-the-scenes video for season 5 of Samurai Jack:

  • An English-language remake of Lone Wolf & Cub: Final Conflict is in the works. While I’d understand if they completely recontextualized it as a western or scifi flick or the like (some folks claim that Road to Perdition is a Lone Wolf & Cub remake), the notion of a live-action English-language samurai drama seems really bizarre.
  • The cast for the Netflix Death Note film has been announced. No major objections, though trailer will still help gauge how it goes.

That’s a wrap for this week; hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend, and also shark week. Perhaps a thematically appropriate marathon is in order…

land shark tigaGamera_Zigra

marine zaboon  shark sazer

Apepostmegashark 4

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