2 week news recap (SDCC edition)

There was no recap last weekend, as most of the Maser Patrol crew was out at G-Fest. Thanks to everyone who attended the manga panel, and apologies to anyone who suffered through my horrific attempts at improvisation during the other one! It was great to catch up with long-time fandom buddies, and make some new friends, so we’re already scheming up ideas for another panel next year.

I figured we probably haven’t missed too much in the last two weeks… I mean, it’s not like G-Fest, the 50th anniversary of the first episode of Ultraman, Summer Wonder Festival, San Diego Comic Con, and news about the release of a new Godzilla film could all happen within a two-week timeframe, right?

…oh. We got a lot to cover this week.

  • First of all, Funimation has rights to Shin Godzilla. Yes, it’s back to that title, as Toho has asked the world to kindly forget the Godzilla Resurgence alias, to the delight of weebs and dismay of DVD alphabetizers worldwide. The film will get a limited theatrical release, which Funi’s been doing quite well with lately (for those keeping track at home, both Attack on Titan movies, the Psycho Pass flick, Harmony, and Empire of Corpses were released this way, with the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy upcoming, while The Boy & the Beast and Dragonball Z: Resurrection F got more conventional releases), and I may schedule a mini-sabbatical as soon as the actual release date is announced. And yes, Funimation does also have the rights to Crayon Shin-chan, but I’m extremely skeptical we’ll see that crossover get localized.
    In other Shin Godzilla news, we got another trailer, including some controversial use of the color purple:

  • Neca revealed at SDCC that they’ll be doing a Shin Godzilla figure as well. (*insert usual rhetoric about them and MonsterArts doing the exact same thing*)

neca shin godzilla


eva godzi fusions

  • In further Godzilla news, congrats to Chris Mowry and Matt Frank for having Godzilla: Rulers of Earth published in Japan! As far as I know, this makes the fourth American G-comic available in Japanese, after Godzilla vs. Barkley, The Godzilla Color Special, and Godzilla Awakening… unless there are others I missed?

rulers of earth japanese cover

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard

  • August Ragone is hosting an Ultraman marathon for Shout Factory next Sunday starting at 12 PST. From their Super Sentai marathons, they’ve gained a reputation for announcing new licenses during that time, but given that they’ve dismissed previous suggestions about releasing other Ultraman shows (they only want the stuff with nostalgia appeal), and that the original show is ubiquitous on DVD already, I’d suggest not worrying about that and just enjoying the episodes.
  • There were some unexpected figure announcements at Wonder Fest. We saw Guyver 3 coming, but Redman?! Also, apparently Thunderbolt Fantasy toys (that was weirdly obvious in retrospect).

tf nendo guyver 3 figma redman max factory

  • Voltron: Legendary Defender is getting another season, which it really did need considering the cliffhanger for the first.

Trailer time!

  • The new Cutie Honey Tears trailer still doesn’t look great, but is a step up from the previous one:

  • Higanjima Deluxe has even more kaiju and vampire-fu than the last one.

  • Kenji Kamiyama’s doing another Cyborg oo9 anime. I thought  they learned their lesson and had given reigns back to Jun Kawagoe?

  • Tiger Mask W looks…ew. Was this really how they wanted their trailer to grab a new audience?

  • Another trailer for the first Rurouni Kenshin flick, in honor of Funimation bringing it stateside:

  • What are the odds of Death Note: Light up the NEW world getting a theatrical release in the US like the original films did?

  • Oh, and I guess we should show Skull Island, too.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week. As usual, if we missed anything, please don’t hesitate to leave a commen-

kamen rider exaid

… I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see that.

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