Briefer news recap

Hope everyone’s managed to avoid Shin Godzilla spoilers better than myself; I ran into a doozy or two within a few hours of the first screening. Reviews have been glowing, but from what’s known I imagine the film is going to prove controversial among a lot of the fandom. It sounds both reverent and highly unconventional… though honestly, I think the idea of a “conventional” Godzilla could’ve been well dismissed by the time he turned himself into a giant magnet 42 years ago. Anyway, until Funimation actually announces their release date (my money’s on a release around Godzilla’s birthday), I’ll just keep the Shin-chan crossover on loop….it’s a nice, much more conventional Godzilla story where the King of the Monsters is defeated by a five-year-old boy farting into his mouth.

shin chan godzilla

Anyway, let’s talk this week’s news:

  • Godzilla’s soccer skills have deteriorated since his days playing against Gundam, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman, but to be fair, it’s hard to keep up with soccer, baseball, and basketball during your movie launch.

  • Shout Factory finally revealed the box art for their Ohranger set. It’s a nice compromise between showing the hero costumes and showing the actors… the Dairanger set’s cover doesn’t convey the sense that they’re a team, while the Kakuranger set is indistinguishable from Power Rangers (at least for people who don’t read the title).

ohranger box art

  • Man, Gantz: O just keeps looking better and better.

  • Chris Mirjahangir’s animated fanfilm Godzilla: Total Destruction is moving along pretty impressively… Michiru Oshima is doing the score! Forgot to post about it earlier, so catching up now.
  • The Japan Animator Expo’s theatrical screening in October will have a new short from Patema Inverted‘s Yasuhiro Yoshiura… and it’s new Patlabor anime! Since this one isn’t streaming on the website, I don’t know what the odds of US distribution are; hopefully either the entire damned Animator Expo gets a home video release with subtitles, or it gets included as an extra with the live-action Patlabor if/when anyone decides to license that (hopefully both!).
  • The video game tie-in for Killing Bites has been delayed. (It’s news to me that it’s even getting a video game!)

rinsetsua nendoroid

  • Amazon is now streaming Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada. Macross is back in print on DVD, but the others are a little hard to find. So, with Orguss finally out from Discotek, you can have a whole Super Dimension franchise marathon!

That’s really all we’ve got to report for the moment. Time to go back to hiding from spoilers, and trying to lose memory of the ones already seen! I wonder if Shin Godzilla‘s getting a theatrical run in Paradigm City….

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