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Maser Patrol podcast episode 26: Gen Urobuchi

With the next Godzilla flick being written by the most coveted screenwriting talent in the modern anime world, the Maser Patrol crew sat down this week to discuss Gen Urobuchi’s previous output…. along with interludes about Star Trek and Josh’s … Continue reading

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8/29 news recap

Welcome to this week’s news recap. To anyone wondering about Godzilla’s naughty bits, I suggest having a heart-to-heart with Stan Lee: You tell ’em, Stan! Hopefully your legacy is never tarnished by Marvel using something from the Japanese porn parody … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: We don’t talk about Godzilla for once

After the mid-week update over the announcement of the upcoming animated Godzilla flick, we exhausted the week’s supply of Kaiju Oh content. So, for the first time in recent memory, this week’s news recap is devoid of Godzilla content…. wait, … Continue reading

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Tokusatsu Bungei, or “Hey, you got special effects in my literature!”

Any dedicated fan of Japanese pop culture knows that every medium does not get equal representation internationally: Most anime get official English-language releases, a good portion of video games do, a less proportionate handful of manga, and relatively few tokusatsu … Continue reading

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News special edition: What, another one?!

Yesterday, Gen Urobuchi,  possibly the hottest Japanese screenwriter working today, famous for hits like Madoka Magica, Kamen Rider Gaim, Psycho Pass, Gargantia on the Verderous Planet, Thunderbolt Fantasy, and more (*cough* Blassreiter), teased his twitter followers about the upcoming reveal of a project … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap (hurried edition)

Didn’t spend all that long putting stuff together for this week, so there’s a good chance something has been left out. Anyway, going quickly: Discotek has licensed the seminal Captain Harlock feature film, Arcadia of My Youth, as well as Mamoru Oshii’s masterful … Continue reading

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Like Thunderbolt Fantasy? Here are some other Japanese puppet shows to try out!

Somewhat shockingly, it’s our general consensus that the best new “anime” of the season is a puppet show: Thunderbolt Fantasy. With its rocking soundtrack, bombastic characters, Yoshitaka Amano-ish (emphasis on “ish”) design aesthetics, and exaggerated action, it makes for a … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Still mostly Godzilla edition

Shin Godzilla is doing quite well at the Japanese box office (the franchise as a whole is now second only to Doraemon in theater attendance), so even with the movie out there’s still plenty of Godzilla to discuss this week: … Continue reading

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