Weekly news recap: Still mostly Godzilla edition

Shin Godzilla is doing quite well at the Japanese box office (the franchise as a whole is now second only to Doraemon in theater attendance), so even with the movie out there’s still plenty of Godzilla to discuss this week:

  • Toho set people’s imaginations afire with their registration of Godzilla-Anime.com. I’m keen on seeing some more Godzilla anime, though based on historical precedent, I’m not expecting the sort of dark-n-gritty material that everyone else in the fandom seems to be. (As an aside, I’m fully prepared to debate the numerous folks who claims Godzilla never appeared in anime before this year: Godzilland had TV specials with anime shorts and full OVAs, while Godzilla Kingdom had a little cartoon Godzilla named Megabyte.)

  • The figures are out now for kaiju A and B, but they’re spoilers. So, instead, I’ll just post an image of a Godzilla sculpture made out of cicada shells.

cicada godzilla

  • Universal Studios Japan is getting a Godzilla-themed 4D attraction starting next year. I imagine this one will contain less Hello Kitty than Monster Planet of Godzilla did.



eva_vs_godzilla_asuka eva_vs_godzilla_yoji

  • Godzilla and Eva-colored Kiryu are now in a Super Robot Wars game:

Other news:

  • A new independently-made kaiju short has manifested on youtube, titled Tokyo Abandonment Order Garateia. It’s got English subs, and ought to be of interest to anyone following the whole Japanese indy kaiju scene.

  • Archive.org has a huge backlog of Nintendo Power, so I assume one could go there and read Shotaro Ishinomori’s Zelda: A Link to the Past manga… or read about the cool new Japanese SNES games that’ll be hitting the US any day now…. really.

godzilla nintendo power 72

  • A mysterious Pikachu statue showed up in a New Orleans park without explanation. I’m guessing it’s either a TARDIS or a Kilaak mind control device.

new orleans pikachu

ultra monster swimsocks

  • A look at the combining robot based on Toy Story. I guess these are doing well for Disney. And yes, Buzz and the aliens are sixth rangers.

  • Funimation’s been listed as the distributor for the Parasyte movies! We’re slowly catching up to the Aussie releases, though I’m a little concerned about Funi’s theatrical wing considering the lack of theaters announced for the Kenshin flicks.

  • Willem Dafoe has been cast as Ryuk in Adam Wingard’s Death Note movie. I honestly can’t think of a more perfect pick.

That’s a wrap for this week! As always, please leave a comment if we forgot something!

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