Weekly news recap (hurried edition)

Didn’t spend all that long putting stuff together for this week, so there’s a good chance something has been left out. Anyway, going quickly:

  • Discotek has licensed the seminal Captain Harlock feature film, Arcadia of My Youth, as well as Mamoru Oshii’s masterful Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer (it may be a tie-in film, but it transcends that to be one of the finest anime films of all time) …and Chargeman Ken. Y’know, that crappy anime that everyone only watches ironically. I wonder if they’re trolling by juxtaposing the best and worst the medium has to offer?

  • Gokaiger‘s Captain Marvelous has been spotted on the set of Zyuohger, for the 29th episode (the 2000th total Super Sentai episode overall). We’re way behind on the show, but it’s cool that they’re doing some anniversary tie-ins to the rest of the franchise.


  • As if Zyuohger wasn’t video-gamey enough, that’ll also be the motif for Kamen Rider Ex-aid. He’ll even have a form that’s SD, like the avatars one would control in old-fashioned RPGs, although it also reminds me a good bit of Kabutack and the like.

exaid01 exaid02

  • The Hollywood adaptation of Tiger & Bunny has a screenwriter now: Ellen Shanman. I’m not familiar with her work, but she’s apparently got a couple of novels and already adapted another superhero property (The Brokenhearted) for film previously. Of course, this being Hollywood, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this materializing in any substantial form.
  • Okay, some of these fusions are pretty great.

  • Flip Flappers looks like it may be a fun magical girl series; it starts in October.

  • Death Note: Light up the NEW world is taking a page from Attack on Titan and Terra Formars‘s playbooks and getting a three episode prequel tie-in on Hulu in Japan.

take a chip and eat it

ao oni anime

That’s a wrap for this week; until the next!

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