Weekly news recap: We don’t talk about Godzilla for once

After the mid-week update over the announcement of the upcoming animated Godzilla flick, we exhausted the week’s supply of Kaiju Oh content. So, for the first time in recent memory, this week’s news recap is devoid of Godzilla content…. wait, does a con featuring Kenpachiro Satsuma count?

  • William Winckler Productions (the folks behind Shout Factory’s dub compilations of Gaiking, Dangard Ace, and Starzinger) are producing English dubs for Ultraman Ginga S: The Movie, Ultra Fight Victory, and Ultraman X: The Movie. This doesn’t guarantee a US release; English dubs have been produced for numerous Heisei Ultra flicks that never made it over here, seeing releases throughout Asia instead. Winckler’s past dealings with Shout are certainly encouraging, but since the company has previous gone on record saying they have no interest in releasing anything post-Ultraseven, I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. Still, since Crunchyroll hasn’t said anything regarding the Ultraman X movie, fansubbers are in a holding pattern over it, so this dub may be the first translation that it gets. Hopefully whatever release these dubs see also mean official subtitled versions, import or not.

  • The mobile game Mon MusumeHarem (which is different from Monster Musume, as far as I can tell?), is doing a collaboration with the Ultra Kaiju Personification Project, adding Pigmon, Zetton, Agira, Windom, and Miclas to the roster of girls to collect.

ultra kaiju musume2ultra kaiju musume1

  • Y’know, if it weren’t for Shin Godzilla, I would already be declaring Gantz: O the kaiju film of the year. This music video is quite hype.

  • Hey, remember Anime Midstream, the distributor with a whole lot of heart and a dubious grasp on the reality of 21st century consumers? They burst onto the scene in 2009, releasing Raijin-Oh eighteen years too late, on 5-episode per volume DVDs, complete with a dub cast drafted from willing Anime St. Louis attendees and misguided aspirations for a television broadcast. Needless to say, their machinations collapsed halfway through the series, and I’d assumed that they were done for. Well, they’re back, and this time they intend to release Bt’X, which had its own failed, canceled-after-two-volumes US release back in 2007. Anime Midstream did seem to learn its lesson, releasing the remaining 26 episodes of Raijin-Oh on a single, subtitled box set, so here’s to second chances. Bt’X is a pretty fun little post-apocalyptic mecha adventure show, and it deserves better than a low-grade fansub, though even Saint Seiya has had a hard time cracking the US market.

  • A look at Funimation’s new dub of Escaflowne:

  • Not scifi/fantasy/horror per se, but Criterion will be putting the six Lone Wolf & Cub movies and Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams (which Ishiro Honda also directed segments of) on Blu Ray in November. NSFW warning on the Lone Wolf trailer, in case you couldn’t guess.

  • Lastly, a new tokusatsu con is starting next August in Pasadena: Japan World Heroes (from the Power Morphicon folks) has Ken Satsuma and Bin Furuya lined up as guests. Its own website isn’t up at the moment, so I guess we’ll just keep an eye on it.
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