Weekly news recap: (Pat)labor Day Weekend!

It’s Labor Day weekend in the US, time to sit down with a healthy heaping of Patlabor! For kaiju fans in particular, I’d recommend:

  • Patlabor: Early Days episode 3 (a parody of Godzilla, with some Terror of Mechagodzilla and War of the Gargantuas thrown in)

Patlabor OVA 03E Patlabor OVA 03D

  • Patlabor: The New Files episode 15 (an awesome parody of the Ultraman and Ultraseven finales)

yuji kaida patlabor

  • WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3 (it’s pretty much The Host before The Host, and with a robot fight)


  • The Next Generation Patlabor episodes 5-6

patlabor live 3

  • Plus the TV series episodes 4 and 19, episode 40 (which uncoincidentally has the same title as an original Ultraman episode)… maybe New Files 13 for the sewer alligators.

patlabor_tva_19 patlabortv 4

Anyway, on to the news of the week:

  • Those who had been playing close attention have noticed American Shin Godzilla screenings showing up on Fandango and the like for the week of October 11-18, but Funimation made things official this week. It’ll be playing in 440 theaters, and will play earlier in New York and Los Angeles, with a full theater list available on September 9. Much like the Filipino posters, though, the US poster has been bizarrely edited: Funimation’s Godzilla has no eyes. Maybe they’re trying to conceal his identity?


Shin Godzilla‘s time at the top of the Japanese box office is near its end, but it has become the highest-grossing live-action movie of the year. Also, as part of a cultural phenomenon, fans are tracing the monster’s path through Tokyo, which in some films can be dizzying as they jump from landmark to landmark.

  • Kaiju Girls starts September 27 on the d Anime Store website. Still hoping Crunchyroll picks it up.

  • In true Heisei Kamen Rider fashion, Kamen Rider Exaid is to have multiple motifs on top of being insectoid super heroes (e.g. “they’re high schoolers and astronauts” or “they’re hip-hop dancing samurai battle-monster fruits”); in this case they’re video-game obsessed physicians (one’s a nurse, one’s a surgeon, you get the point). One character has Black Jack hair, naturally.

I wonder if one of the games they play will be Rider Revolution?

  • Sentai studio simulator Chroma Squad is coming to consoles.

  • Missed this earlier, but Katokutai’s got a new album. The music video really shows off Bin Furuya’s acting skills outside of a rubber costume.

  • Speaking of music videos, Miyavi’s “Fire Bird” features an entirely appropriate Osamu Tezuka character:

  • Some impressive fan has redone the opening sequence of One Punch Man in the style of the original webcomic.

  • Not really genre-related, but culturally significant (plus, there was the weird crossover with Sorcerer Stabber Orphen, and the weird cameo in Gamera Super Monster): the KochiKame manga is calling it quits after 40 years and 200 volumes. A world without Kankichi Ryotsu in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump… I can’t even imagine.


That’s a wrap for this time. Hope everyone enjoys some Labors this weekend.

patlabor ultraman


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