Slow news weekend recap

Not a whole lot of note to report news-wise this week. Or perhaps I’ve just been too busy to notice; work has been life-consuming this week so I haven’t gotten to check the otaku networks as much. Leave a comment if there’s something missing!

  • Tickets are on sale now for Funimation’s Shin Godzilla screenings. They also put out a new trailer, complete with appropriate musical selection.

  • Despite not having so much as a trailer out, Colossal premiered at TIFF this week. Reviews are pretty good, so hopefully wider distribution is on its way.
  • There’s a live-action mecha show coming to Disney XD. Might have to give this a watch.

  • Space Battleship Yamato 2202 starts in February. This teaser is not very animated.

  • Another Gantz: O trailer. Last one, I promise.

  • A look at Ao Oni: the Animation. Cute, I guess?

  • Oh, and Funimation and Crunchyroll are starting to show each other’s stuff. For the time being, I’ll just hold on to both accounts, since it’s not a full merger or anything (there were already several shows on both, e.g. Erased, so this isn’t that big a change).

So, yeah, that’s all we got for now. Peace!

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