News recap for 9/17: Mecha, Monsters, and Magical Girls!

It’s decidedly *not* a slow news week this week, so there’s plenty to discuss. Let’s make like a Gransazer and dive in!

Kaiju news:

  • Matt Frank and Jeff Zornow have collaborated on the poster for Shinpei Hayashiya’s upcoming Deep Sea Monster Raiga vs. Lava Beast Ohga. Since the movie is being made largely for a G-Fest audience, this collaboration makes a lot of sense. [via Mark Jaramillo on facebook]


  • Marvel is celebrating some of their classic giant monsters with a new 5-issue miniseries Monsters Unleashed! starting in January. The company revisits these characters periodically (the ongoing Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur made a bit of a splash, and I think the most recent Marvel monster-mash was 2015’s Uncanny X-Men #33), but the once-prolific subgenre of comics certainly took a backseat once the hero age started. So, it’s always a pleasure to see a revival….how long until they get their own cartoon?


  • Not exactly news, but someone pointed out the coincidence that the new Makoto Shinkai movie Your Name is kicking Shin Godzilla‘s butt at the Japanese box office, reminiscent of the original 1954 Godzilla, which failed to make as much money as the third film in the Your Name trilogy started in 1952. George Lucas calls that “poetry”.

godzilla-yourname1 godzilla-yourname2

  • Here’s a look at Earth Defense Force 5, for Playstation 4:

  • Gou Tanabe, who previously did adaptations for The Color of Outer Space and The Hound & Other Stories, is helming another HP Lovecraft manga, this time At the Mountains of Madness, for Comic Bean.



  • Speaking of Capcom, a Hollywood movie based on Monster Hunter is in production. I did not see that coming… maybe they need something once Resident Evil wraps it up?

Mecha news:

  • Okay, perhaps this is also kaiju news, but those who missed the SH MonsterArts Garuda set upon initial release (because it was a Web Shop exclusive in the pre-Bluefin/amazon days) have long lamented the inflated prices on the after market; it’s easily the most difficult of MonsterArts pieces to acquire. Well, good news: the Mechagodzilla reissue is coming with Garuda as an accessory, and the 10800 yen MSRP is less than Garuda is going for by itself. In my case, that may just mean I’ll have an extra ’93 Mechagodzilla… maybe I’ll pop on the head with a missing eye or something.


  • A new light novel imprint, Yatate Bunko, will be taking on Sunrise properties. There’s mecha stuff here obviously, including a new Votoms novel and Millennium Thorn, but I’m most excited by Gaogaigar vs. Betterman… it’s about time those two got a proper crossover!
  • The Galaxy Railways OVA, A Letter from the Abandoned Planet, is up on crunchyroll. It was a darn shame that Funimation never finished releasing Galaxy Railways, so seeing this OVA get an official US release (the licencor is Discotek) is encouraging for the prospects of the second season. Plus, the Galaxy Express 999 cast plays a big part in the OVA as well. (I can’t find a trailer for this OVA, so here’s Funimation’s ad for the inaccurately-titled “complete series”.)

  • Jackie Earle Haley has been cast for James Cameron’s Battle Angel movie. Wait… I thought this movie wasn’t supposed to happen until after the next couple Avatars?
  • If you’ve ever wanted person-sized figures of Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, or Devilman, then Jungle’s got you covered, for around $3500 a pop. I really like the Devilman one, since it also sort of works as a table.


Hero news:

  • A trailer is out for the Garo spin-off Zero: Dragon Blood. The last Zero series was great, so high hopes for this one, too!

  • A look at the new Cyborg 009: Call of Justice. Not as high hopes for this one.

  • The Symphogear XD Unlimited battle RPG is curb-stomping its way onto Japanese mobile devices. In unrelated news, I suddenly need a new phone.

  • The Magical Girl Raising Project is advertised as “survival action”, but I’m not seeing much from this trailer. Another Madoka clone?
  • It sounds like the next Super Sentai series will be titled Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger. That’s like… four more than Goranger, but one less than Dekaranger. As for the space theme, it makes sense, especially with them bringing Gavan back again soon.

Misc. News:

  • The next Resident Evil CG movie will be directed by Ultraman X/Next Generation Patlabor alum Takanori Tsujimoto, with music by Kenji Kawai. Neat!


That’s a wrap for this week; take it easy!

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