Weekly news recap for 9-25

Not a lot to report this week:

  • Vehicles from a number of different Ultraman earth defense teams have been spotted together, leading to speculation that the Ultraman Orb movie might have an extra-special crossover. It certainly seems to show more thought that the Ginga S film. [via 4chan]

ultra-cars ultra-cars-2

  • A subset of the Toho SF fandom is stoked about Zone Fighter getting another DVD release in Japan, but as a completist and fan of the obscure, I think it’s way cooler that Toho’s Goranger-knock-off Flying Saucer War Bankid is finally getting its first DVD release there. Naturally, none of these will have subtitles. [via August Ragone]

  • Rock band Kiss has had its handful of crossovers with Japanese pop culture over the years (Gene Simmons was the main antagonist in the Detroit Metal City movie, after all), but Astro Boy was not one I would have predicted. It’s a little weird.

astrokiss astrokiss3

  • Rings was due out in just one month, when it got pushed back to February. It’s quite unfortunate; not only is it unlikely to be a hit with studio confidence like that (meaning a lower chance of box sets or licencors bringing the remaining Japanese flicks over for cash-ins), but we’re looking at a serious dearth of theatrical horror options this Halloween season.

  • Hiroyuki Yamaga tantalized/terrified Gunbuster fans by mentioning a possible sequel to Aim for the Top at a recent German con. I’d be cool with it, though I would hope for something closer to either of the two Next Generation manga than to the Diebuster OVA. Maser Patrol’s resident Gunbuster maniac Josh is pretty sure it would be terrible either way, so it’s a good thing that Yamaga has a history of not having sequels come to pass (looking at you, Blue Uru!).
  • Gainax’s Princess Maker 2 is coming to Steam. I’m not normally one to be piqued over 23-year-old bishoujo simulators, but it’s an aspect of the studio’s output that hasn’t been very well represented in the west.

  • Discotek is doing a physical release of the Galaxy Railways OVA (we mentioned the Crunchyroll release last week), as well as re-releasing Leiji Matsumoto’s other projects Gun Frontier and (a personal favorite) Cosmo Warrior Zero. They’re also re-releasing Eatman, for folks who haven’t picked that up.

  • Hikaru Utada’s new music video featured some unused footage from Evangelion 3.33. It was only online for 24 hours, fortunately long enough to get mirrored everywhere.

  • The upcoming anthology movie Force of Will is going to feature six shorts based on the trading card game of the same name. The first to be advertised, “L.S”, is decidedly Lovecraftian.

  • Though Baki the Grappler is more of a sports franchise than a sci-fi/fantasy, the main character spends enough time punching bigfoot and dinosaurs in the face that it sort of counts. The series is getting a new OVA, raising ambient testosterone levels for another generation.

  • A look at the American Attack on Titan comic anthology:

  • The teasers for the Paramount version of Ghost in the Shell look visually okay, but dumping 5 15-second trailers instead of one long one is sort of annoying.

That’s a wrap for this week! Back to trying to not be jealous of those of you at Fantastic Fest… :)

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