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Weekly news recap: Figures everywhere!

There wasn’t a news recap last week, as really the only story of note was Full Metal Panic getting a fourth season. This week, however, is Tamashii Nations, and wow, are there a lot of cool new toys getting teased. … Continue reading

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Planning a Halloween party? Here’s some recommended viewing from the directors who did (and didn’t) give us Godzilla movies

It’s Halloween season, which means mandatory viewings of at least two seasonal classics: John Carpenter’s Halloween and Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘R Treat. How are these two films connected? Well, if you’re an obsessive kaiju nerd (and I suspect you are), … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 27: Shin Godzilla

This episode is about goofy German movie posters, the ending of All Monsters Attack, rhinoceros sails, Charles Barkley doujinshi games, and the sexual dimorphism of Pokemon. Not that the likes of Kevin, Josh, Andy, and Justin could get distracted or off topic. But … Continue reading

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Special Edition: Godzilla 2 gets a real Treat

After a stellar show with both Trick ‘R Treat (2007, though it sat on a shelf until 2009) and Krampus (2015), many genre fans were wondering what Michael Dougherty’s next directorial effort would be… perhaps an excellent throwback-horror-comedy revolving around … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast omake: Shin-anigans

This weekend we recorded an epic 4-hour podcast to discuss the latest Godzilla flick, but then lost one of the audio tracks rendering the conversation incomprehensible. So, to tide everyone over, here’s a selection of choice (not-so-serious) moments from the … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Kraken to release Garo!

How about that Shin Godzilla, huh? Don’t worry, we have thoughts incoming, but for now it’s time for the weekly news recap. And since we’re on the subject, Neca showed off this: Not bad, though I think the head could … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Pacman Rider, Zetton chairs, and Unico meets Sachiel…stuff is weird.

Happy Shin Godzilla US Release-Eve-Eve! We’re all planning to go see it (well, Amanda already has), so expect a report at some point. In the meantime, let’s talk pop culture! The NYCC poster for Kong: Skull Island has all sorts … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Kaiju Girls streaming, Guyver on BD, Jojo goes toku, and more!

Happy October! We’re just one week away from new Kamen Rider, the first Attack on Titan movie is coming out on North American home video Tuesday, a new Godzilla flick hits the US in 10 days, Halloween season is starting … Continue reading

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