Weekly news recap: Kaiju Girls streaming, Guyver on BD, Jojo goes toku, and more!

Happy October! We’re just one week away from new Kamen Rider, the first Attack on Titan movie is coming out on North American home video Tuesday, a new Godzilla flick hits the US in 10 days, Halloween season is starting to get into gear. Not a bad time to be a genre fan! Let’s see what all is happening in the world of kaiju, mecha, and henshin heroes this week:

  • Crunchyroll added Kaiju Girls! There are a couple of reasons why this is exciting; it’s branching out and doing something different. First, it’s the first animated Ultra-related release that we’ve gotten stateside since a handful of dubbed The☆Ultraman episodes hit DVD in 1997. Second, it’s the first short-form show that Tsuburaya has on Crunchyroll (and possibly the first one that they’ve ever officially translated, because I’m not counting virtually dialogue-less shows like Redman), and it’s the first show that they’ve added without “Ultraman” in the title. It’s also a fun watch. Here’s hoping for more similar additions in the future (Kaiju Sakaba Kampai, Ultra Kaiju Sanpo, and Ultra Zone come to mind), but until then I look forward to waking up early on Tuesday mornings to watch this chibi-and-more-wholesome-Ikkitousen-with-monsters comedy.

  • The Warner Archive just added the live-action American Guyver movie and Guyver 2: Dark Hero to their print-on-demand library. This is not terribly exciting, since the movies have been available on DVD previously and these look like exact reissues of those releases, but in reading about that, I discovered (about three weeks late) that Arrow is releasing the first movie on Blu Ray in the UK, complete with a new interview with Brian Yuzna and a limited-edition booklet. This one is due out on December 19 for £15.99, but I can say from personal experience that some of Arrow’s limited edition sets skyrocket in price if you don’t get ’em when they’re fresh.


  • Thunderbolt Fantasy has been renewed for a second season! And it looks like there’s a new character in this promotional- … wait, no, nevermind, it’s just TM Revolution. Oh, and there’s also a prequel webcomic about Dan Fei now, you can read it here.



  • Takashi Miike’s next live-action film will be an adaptation of the Diamond is Unbreakable arc from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (the same one the current anime season is on). While not quite as iconic/popular/heavily-memed as Stardust Crusaders, a setting in Japan with mostly Japanese characters may be a prudent way for Miike to go, and frankly, the storyline in that part of Jojo is more engaging, though perhaps harder to compress into a film. The last time there was a cinematic adaptation, the animated version of Phantom Blood (many years prior to the current TV series), it was such a disaster that the film was buried and never released on any form of home video, so even if Miike doesn’t live up to the stellar television execution of the manga, at least he’ll probably do better than that.
  • So, now both Godzilla and Sadako have been featured in Snickers commercials, huh?

  • A trailer for the Ao Oni anime film (not to be confused with the anime TV series). Wonder how it’ll compare with the live-action ones?

  • A new Zoids project is in the works. I really show my age by sometimes slipping and calling them “Technozoids”.


  • A trailer for the Majestic Prince movie:

  • Congrats, Sunrise. You finally made a live-action Gundam property set in the farther future that’s less interesting than G-Savior.

  • The director of Excel Saga is helming a superhero spoof titled To Be Hero, about a young dude who transforms into a portly middle-ager to fight monsters. I really dug Excel Saga as a teen, but rewatching it recently I’m not sure how well it’s held up… so it’s tough to say if To Be Hero will be more amusing or obnoxious.
  • Suicide Squad has gotten a huge push in Japan, with tie-in merch from Figuarts, Nendoroid, and more. Now, they also have a tie-in anime (sort of) via a cross-promotion with another group of villain protagonists: Eagle Talon! These shorts are way more entertaining than the actual movie.

  • Lupin III‘s inspector Zenigata is getting his own show next year, and it’s live-action. Granted, the character has been gradually portrayed as more competent in non-Lupin situations over the years, but I’ve got to wonder what the tone of this one will be.


  • I wish we’d said more scathing things about Ninja Slayer; maybe Funimation would’ve quoted us.

I think that’s a wrap for this week; leaving off with an image of what Ultraman Orb actually looks like, revealed as we’re about halfway into his show already. Wonder if this is what we can expect in future crossover movies?


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4 Responses to Weekly news recap: Kaiju Girls streaming, Guyver on BD, Jojo goes toku, and more!

  1. Is there a reason, why you omitted mentioning Kensho Yamashita’s passing on August, 16th, revealved on October, 1st?

    Remember he worked as assistant director for Kihachi Okamoto’s THE TURNING POINT OF THE SHOWA HISTORY – THE BATTLE FOR OKINAWA (1971) = Hideaki Anno’s favorite movie of all time and inspirational source for the finale of AIM FOR THE TOP! GUNBUSTER!! + he worked also for Honda on MECHAGODZILLA’S COUNTERATTACK (1975), before he directed in 1994 GODZILLA VS. SPACE GODZILLA, among others.

    He was only 72 years old, a heart failure was the cause of his passing.

    • kevnder says:

      While we do on occasion run obituaries, those tend to be more of an exception than a rule. The passing of any artist is unfortunate, and we all have tremendous respect for Mr. Yamashita (I’d especially still like to see Nineteen properly subtitled), however, I assumed that this was a personal matter for his family and they were not seeking media coverage or attention, over a month following his funeral.

      Thank you for the insight into Yamashita’s impact on the industry; we likely would not have drawn those connections otherwise. So, while on the topic, I will say a RIP for Kensho Yamashita. To make a glib pun, it will be a “Blue Christmas” without him.

  2. Hi,
    thanks for your reply. I do understand and was only curios.

    And if have the chance watch Okamoto’s 1971 anti-war-movie. Listen to the soundtrack of Masaru Sato, which was ultimately reworked for GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA (1974).

    Animeigo released the full movie as THE BATTLE FOR OKINAWA in 2007 on DVD in the US, but it misses the on-screen-captions completely that are available in the Japanese + cut-German-release. This semi-documentary approach in naming “who is who” can be also spotted in AIM FOR THE TOP! GUNBUSTER!! and of course in SHIN GODZILLA, too.

    If you need more insight for Anno, I will gladly try help if my time allows it.

    Last but not least; I wrote a review, but you have to translate it via Google since it in German:

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