Weekly news recap: Pacman Rider, Zetton chairs, and Unico meets Sachiel…stuff is weird.

Happy Shin Godzilla US Release-Eve-Eve! We’re all planning to go see it (well, Amanda already has), so expect a report at some point. In the meantime, let’s talk pop culture!


  • A new Mazinger…something is coming from Toei. We watched Robot Girls Z, so at this point it’s safe to say we’re ready for anything.


  • Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender is getting a second season on January 20th. The first took us by surprise with its quality, so the second is highly anticipated.

  • Speaking of Netflix, please let this be an actual scene in the next season of Stranger Things.


  • This Zetton-themed chair looks like a comfy place to plop down. It’ll make you want to “never rise again”?

  • Speaking of Ultraman, check out The Yellow Monkey’s new music video; they nailed the aesthetic:

  • Hero‘s posted an ad for their manga Onideka, directed by Space Monster Numagiras‘s Takayuki Hosonuma. That’s one more title for me to pester Viz about at the next con I see them.

  • Kamen Rider Heisei Generations looks like a good size cast for a crossover movie, with the most recent five riders and- …. waitaminute. They’re not literally fighting Dr. Pacman in this, are they? Between this, Wreck-it-Ralph, and Pixels, the little yellow guy is really gaining some serious movie star power.


  • Maser Patrol is breaking with a longstanding tradition of not reporting on Power Rangers, because there’s a Power Rangers movie that now has a trailer. Like Power Rangers: The Movie, this is going to be comprised of all new footage (unless they’re fooling us and it suddenly cuts to old Liveman scenes or something), but they’re going for a literally darker (practically Twilight-level desaturation) feel this time around. This trailer reminds me a bit of the recent Fantastic 4 reboot, so, given that the Power Rangers franchise continues today as a successful brand of colorful kiddy shows, I sort of wonder how this drab teen take will go over. Hey, it worked for Transformers.
    The movie has Macross Plus/Wings of Honneamise/Armitage III/Godzilla (2014)’s always-entertaining Bryan Cranston in a lead role (he previously played some of the monsters of the week on the show), with music by Dragonball Evolution‘s Brian Tyler. Weta is doing special effects, so Goldar (Grifforzer, not Ambassador Magma) should look pretty cool.

  • Also, the full trailer for January’s allegedly-final Resident Evil film. In the “ten years” since the start of the franchise the actors have aged fifteen, but hey, they’re living a hard life. And again, “The Final Chapter” just makes me think of the decidedly non-final Friday the 13th, Lake Placid, Saw, Puppet Master, and Ring movies with the same epithet.

  • Viz will be translating Tokyo Ghoul: re . We had a feeling they would, the first series is too popular to let this sit.
  • Kansai Club’s Kickstarter campaign to print Osamu Tezuka’s The Crater appears to be fully underwater, as DMP is teasing that they have the license. Kansai Club’s screw-up likely hurt other campaigns by DMP (the average person not distinguishing between one Tezuka publisher and another), and based on their cryptic tweet “your grievances will not go unanswered”, I’ve gotta wonder if they’ll somehow comp the folks who backed the previous campaign.


  • Kennichi Matsuyama will revise his role as L for the upcoming Death Note movie for a three minute cameo (what is he, Ultraman?). Matsuyama is a chameleon of an actor, so I’m pretty sure he can shake off the 12 years between the films without appearing to have aged at all.


  • A teaser for the Little Witch Academia TV series. Can we expect a cameo by Luluco?

  • Takashi Murakami’s 6HP (Six Hearts Princess) is due to air before the end of the year, which is a relief for the fans who’ve been waiting for it for three years since the trailer hit. Jellyfish Eyes was great, so we’re planning to give more of his work a shot.

That’s a wrap for now. Back to counting down the minutes until 10 PM Tuesday!

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