Weekly news recap: Kraken to release Garo!

How about that Shin Godzilla, huh? Don’t worry, we have thoughts incoming, but for now it’s time for the weekly news recap. And since we’re on the subject, Neca showed off this:


Not bad, though I think the head could use some tweaks. Neca apparently agrees, since (much like they did with the 1984 one), they later revealed that they’re changing it. Kudos!


Onto the news:

  • Well, there are few things that can compete in tokusatsu-fandom-hype-level to Funimation releasing a new Godzilla movie in the theater this week, but damn if Kraken Releasing didn’t find one of them. At Monsterama last weekend they announced (I sort of wonder how; does anyone know if they had a panel, or booth, or what?) one of the pie-in-the-sky benchmarks that fans have been clamoring for for a decade: The first season of Garo is getting released in North America in 2017!
    The timing may have something to do with the HD remaster wrapping up in Japan, so it’ll be awesome to finally have a legit release of the series… the press release implies that the subsequent seasons will be coming as well (plus, giant thumbs-up to whoever decided Ryu Kaneda’s Video Girl Ai movie was worth mentioning as a selling point). We’re obviously big fans, so this made our week in measure rivaling that of Funimation.

  • Continuing Tsuburaya’s weirdly newfound ironic popularity of Redman, Nakano Broadway is having a merchandising push. Apparently if you spend enough money you get invited to a talk by Tsuburaya president Shinichi Ohka, who was a cinematographer on the show back in the day. Maybe that’s why they’re pushing it now?


  • Your Baltan Figuarts can be a proper space ninja with these afterimage/clone webshop exclusives:


  • The Russian movie Station 88 looks mecharrific.

  • Another ad for the Mobile Police Patlabor Reboot short (out now!)

  • I can’t come up with a sarcastic enough response to this article. “[Chuya Koyama] mused that putting Marvel superheroes in Space Brothers felt out-of-place after all.” Snerk.


  • Tatsuya Fujiwara’s in the new Death Note movie, too, and the latest ad teases that Light Yagami has somehow survived… well, the original duology.

  • After numerous delays, the final movie in the Project Itoh trilogy, Genocidal Organ, is about to be revealed. Since Empire of Corpses was great and Harmony was okay, completing the batch is certainly appealing even if the premise (distopian-secret agent-thriller) sounds the least interesting. Anyway, here’s a trailer:

Well, that’s a wrap for now. Expect Godzilla thoughts soon!

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