Special Edition: Godzilla 2 gets a real Treat

After a stellar show with both Trick ‘R Treat (2007, though it sat on a shelf until 2009) and Krampus (2015), many genre fans were wondering what Michael Dougherty’s next directorial effort would be… perhaps an excellent throwback-horror-comedy revolving around mythos of Arbor Day?

Well, it turns out Krampus‘s financial success (as well as Gipsy Danger’s cameo) did not go unrecognized by Legendary, as Dougherty *may* be directing their next Godzilla flick! (Earlier today it was reported he would be, but the article has since been updated to say he’s in talks.) Godzilla 2 *will* have Dougherty writing with his Krampus co-scribe Zach Shields, which is really promising; Krampus was easily on of the most entertaining, memorable, and fantastically-executed movies of last year, and Trick ‘R Treat has become a seasonal cult-tradition. The thought of a Godzilla 2 from such talent is tantalizing, though I wonder how they’d mesh with the humorless tone of Godzilla 2014.

Conversely, if it turns out Dougherty isn’t directing, at least his writing led to Bryan Singer’s best superhero output (X2, X-men: Apocalypse, Superman Returns), so it’ll likely still be pretty great popcorn entertainment.


In related news, both Godzilla 2 and Pacific Rim: Maelstrom will be at least partially shot in China, which isn’t shocking considering that PacRim made most of its money there and Legendary was recently acquired by Dalian Wanda Group. Hopes are very high for both pictures, and with the addition of Dougherty, the upcoming release of Godzilla 2 is starting to feel a lot more like a proper holiday.

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