Maser Patrol podcast episode 27: Shin Godzilla

This episode is about goofy German movie posters, the ending of All Monsters Attack, rhinoceros sails, Charles Barkley doujinshi games, and the sexual dimorphism of Pokemon. Not that the likes of Kevin, Josh, Andy, and Justin could get distracted or off topic.

But mostly, we talk about Shin Godzilla. We recorded on the topic previously in an attempt that we couldn’t use, so this one is a resurgence. “Personal service”, even.

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shin chan godzilla

Persecution of the Asses!

Spoilers abound, so beware.

Things we didn’t mention:

  • Amanda caught the movie in Japan recently, and despite the movie being several months into its theatrical run, there was a good-sized crowd. The theatrical booklet has a “beware of spoilers” band around it.
  • Off mic we were drawing interesting parallels between the discourse on this movie and the backlash against what Eric Powell was trying to do with Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters. This movie is much better than that comic, but the attempts at socio-political commentary in the face of a recent natural disaster are there for both, love it or hate it.
  • All that talk about Dr. Maki, and we never once mentioned that another Dr. Maki was in the movie! (Yu Kamio was also in Ultraman X, Higuchi’s Attack on Titan, Anno’s Ando Lloyd, not to mention all of the Rider/Sentai roles.)

dr-maki yu-kamio-shin-godzilla

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