Weekly news recap: Figures everywhere!

There wasn’t a news recap last week, as really the only story of note was Full Metal Panic getting a fourth season. This week, however, is Tamashii Nations, and wow, are there a lot of cool new toys getting teased. (pics via 4chan, amiami, and anything linked)



  • MonsterArts is doing a Mechagodzilla based on the original poster. I guess this is the logical conclusion from their Godzilla 2000 concept version and poster-repaint version of King Ghidorah… but it’s awesome.


  • MonsterArts’s various Shin Godzilla figures are to scale, and look great.



  • In retrospect, I’m surprised it’s taken as long as it has to get untransformed versions of their henshin heroes in Figuarts forms. They could nearly double their output!

retsu-figuarts hongo-figuarts

  • No surprise to see the Ex-aid crew. The show is a lot of fun, so this might be the first Rider in a while that warrants a pre-order.


  • Oh, wow, they’re going all out on the Ultraman manga line!


  • Redman is getting Figuarts (maybe? I know Max Factory teased something earlier) treatment, so you can pose him murdering all your other figures.


  • Ryoga Hibiki: the figure most likely to get lost in the mail.


  • Love the accessory of a hoard of ghost clones.


  • Kotobukiya’s bishoujo Freddy Krueger wasn’t upsetting enough, so now their Chucky has been revealed. I still hear Brad Dourif’s voice when I look at it.


  • Is Japanese Captain America a dual national?


Other news:

  • If you missed Day of the Kaiju at G-Fest a few years back, or just want to give it another watch, you’re in luck: it’s up on youtube. In retrospect, there are interesting parallels with Shin Godzilla, and considering that Shinji Higuchi remotely introduced the film (director Kazuhiro Nakagawa was about to assist him on Attack on Titan, after all), it’s hard to write off as pure coincidence.

  • Hollywood henshin hero Fujiyama Ichiban has a new Kickstarter campaign for a movie. With a publicity shot at Bronson Cave, I really hope he fights Robot Monster.


  • With Michael Dougherty’s involvement with Godzilla 2, folks are revisiting his unmade animated project Calling All Robots. It looks like it would’ve been pretty great.

  • Mackenyu, who played the future Kamen Rider Drive in Surprise Future, as well as Okayasu in the upcoming Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure movie, joined the cast of Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. Go figure that Sonny Chiba’s son would go from being a Toei super hero to a manga character to a Hollywood star.


  • Your Name is getting a *tiny* theatrical release in the US in time for Oscar season. It won’t win, but the if the award show motivates distributors it’s not totally worthless.

conrete-revolutio-manga uchinomusume

  • DMP’s Under the Air Kickstarter campaign is now live, with The Crater as an add-on, as well as Melody of Iron as a stretch goal. That’s a lot of Tezuka anthologies!



  • We haven’t written much here about the new Nanoha series ViVid Strike, because… well, honestly I just forgot to include it. Anyway, it’s getting licensed for simulcast by amazon, which is funny considering that the first two seasons are hilariously out of print and the next two never got US distribution.

  • Yokai Watch is going live-action. Why did I just remember Ben 10?

  • The first volume of the Garo: Crimson Moon blu ray is up for preorder now. It hits January 24.


Think that covers bases for this week, but if there’s something we left out, please leave a comment. Until next time!

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