Weekly news recap: Shin Godzilla memes never end

Thanks to the anonymous visitor who sent in some background information regarding Steve Wang’s backing out of directing Power Rangers: The Movie. I guess along those lines, David Hayter, the star of Wang’s Guyver 2: Dark Hero, will be writing the live-action Voltron (I hope it takes cues from the Netflix series). And, speaking of Power Rangers and combining robots, we now have an indication that the Megazord for the upcoming Power Rangers movie will look more like a man in a costume than the Super Sentai robots that inspired it… not a lot of color on this one, either.


On to other news:

  • Shin Godzilla continues to be a cultural milestone, and Vaio’s use of Mikako Ichikawa in a marketing campaign is one cutesy Kamata-kun away from being a fanartist’s dream come true.

  • The mania continues with a 10-meter straw Shin Godzilla up in Chikuzen. It’s some serious Wicker Man stuff, minus the ending (as far as I know!)


  • Of course, something like this hasn’t really arrived until there’s a porn parody-

chinkojiraOkay, this had me laughing for several seconds. I mean, yeah, it’s sort of gross, but gotta credit the obvious pun (chinko=dick) of “Chin-Kojira”. I wonder how good this actress’s English is?

And in non-Godzilla news…

  • Noriaki Yuasa’s Kazuo Umezz adaptation Snake Girl and Silver-haired Witch is now up streaming on Amazon Prime! To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time it’s been made officially available in English.
    Also up, Roboter der Sterne, the German-dubbed version of a Taiwanese compilation film of Super Robot Mach Baron! This one is weird, since the Amazon page info would have you believe, until you watch it, that it’s the page for Krieg der Infras, another German-only release, this time of a Taiwanese-made Kamen Rider compilation movie. Guess somewhere wires got crossed on that one!

  • Shiro Sano will be playing Dr. Pacman in this winter’s Kamen Rider crossover. The man plays a great villain, so this is looking better than ever.


  • Discotek licensed the most recent Lupin III series.
  • A look at Stan Lee’s The Reflection:

  • Also, word is, early copies of Matt Alt’s translation of Sekien Toriyama’s seminal yokai encyclopedia are starting to hit. Looking forward to getting one!

That’s a wrap for this week; seeya later!

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