Weekly news recap for 11/13

Time for the weekly news recap!


  • Atomic Shark is upping its mockbuster factor by getting released in Japan as “Shin Jaws“, cashing in on a couple of much higher-profile films. I’m reminded of how Jaws in Japan got released in the US as Psycho Shark; I guess the Jaws name is better protected here.


  • Speaking of Shin Godzilla exploitation, here’s an ad for Softbank’s Pocky Day promotion. I think the tie-ins may continue right up until the next movie ramps up.

  • Mamoru Oshii stopped by the set of the new Ghost in the Shell movie and seemed pretty dang enthusiastic by his standards. Now if they can get Masamune Shirow into a video, that’d be something!

  • Speaking of which, did this trailer for Polder: Tokyo Heidi just allude to that franchise (among others)?

  • The Doctor Strange movie has a manga prequel in Shonen Magazine later this year. Given that the movie is already an origin story, it sounds like the manga is just the main character being an asshole surgeon the whole time.


  • Miike’s Blade of the Immortal adaptation looks alright.

  • If you missed Terror Dactyl at G-Fest this year (we sure did; it was late!), it’s now out on DVD.


Personally I prefer the darker grey original look, but whatever, at least I got to see it before the change.

  • Twitter had a lot of fun with the re-airing of My Neighbor Totoro and Halloween hitting in close proximity.


  • To promote the Monster Strike/Yu Yu Hakusho collaboration, a giant Toguro statue is on touring display to pose with. This looks quite meme-able.


  • Better 24 years late than never, the Sailor Moon R movie will be coming to US theaters.

  • Along those lines: Carranger did this joke better. I mean, if Ford’s going to keep working with Toei on this stuff, that seems like the more obvious go-to.

  • Vampire-stripping otaku game Akiba’s Trip is getting an anime. This is either upsetting or hilarious, possibly both.

Barring more off the wall things (Ninja Turtles fused with WWE wrestlers?), that’s a wrap for this week. Maybe next time we’ll even be done with Shin Godzilla tie-ins (but probably not)!

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