Special edition: Trailer time!

What’s this? A news recap in the middle of the week?! Well, there were a handful of trailers that were simply too good to sit on until the weekend.

  • Kong: Skull Island‘s trailer alone has more humor than the entirety of Legendary’s Godzilla, and more monsters than most entries in the Kong franchise:

  • Ghost in the Shell looks pretty great IMHO, though I’ve never been married to any particular interpretation of the source material:

Also the shelling sequence, lifting heavily from the 1995 movie:

  • Full Metal Alchemist actually doesn’t look as bad as I was expecting.

  • Your Name‘s English dub:

  • Also, Koichi Sakamoto’s going to be directing a Hurricane Polymar movie. Since this is dudes in costumes rather than girls in… well, not so much, I’m rather optimistic on this one. Then again, the track record of Tatsunoko heroes in live action is all over the place.


That’s a wrap for now; expect a regularly-scheduled news recap this weekend.

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