Brief news recap for 11/20

Aside from the various things covered on Wednesday, it’s been a fairly slow week for Japanese SF/fantasy/horror media, so it’ll be a quick recap.

  • I was already looking forward to the Astro Boy prequel Atom the Beginning getting an anime because of fierce brand loyalty to Gekkan Hero’s magazine and Mushi Productions. The manga being conceived by Masami Yuuki (Birdy the Mighty, Patlabor) didn’t hurt either, but seeing that the anime is being directed by Tatsuo Sato (Nadesico, Bodacious Space Pirates) with Katsuyuki Motohiro (Psycho Pass) really bumps it up to being one of the most anticipated shows of 2017.

  • A new clip show is on the way from Tsuburaya, Ultraman Zero the Chronicle, keeping Zero in the spotlight and maintaining that he’s a real Ultra (as opposed to a lot of those movie-exclusive characters that eventually get forgotten). Oh, and Ultra Fight Orb is happening too.


  • This Softbank commercial includes a shot of Shin Godzilla that wasn’t in the movie, but it does look similar to some of the other promo materials. Deleted footage, maybe?

  • Digimon World: Next Order hits North America on January 31:

  • Taskeshi Honda once again wanted to reassure everyone that the final Rebuild of Evangelion movie hasn’t been forgotten about. Of course, folks have been saying that for the better part of a decade.

That’s a wrap for this week!

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