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Travel log: Great Godzilla Tokusatsu Kingdom (Hiroshima)

Is there any activity as archetypically conceited and dreary as subjecting other people to one’s own vacation photos? That’s my general impression, yet folks keep asking for ours, so here’s a preliminary, über-focused post detailing a limited-time event from our recent … Continue reading

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Today’s Random Tokusatsu: Maniac Hero (2016)

Today’s selection: Hero Mania (AKA Maniac Hero, 2016, dir. Keisuke Toyoshima) Subgenre: Martial Arts, Superhero Available from: airplane-only I caught the new superhero flick Hero Mania on an international flight, and since no other official distributors for it have been … Continue reading

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Holiday hiatus…

Kevin and Amanda will be off on a whirlwind tour of Japan soon, so updates to this ‘blog will be unlikely until after Christmas. In the meantime, our list of recommended yuletide viewing still stands, along with a couple others: … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Lots of things will turn giant and fight monsters

This will be the last news recap for a while, but man, some of these are a doozy. (No Doozy Bots, though. That’s not what I meant.) For the first time ever, an Ultraman movie will get official release to … Continue reading

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News recap (making up for Thanksgiving edition)

Well, I thought there would be time to compose a news recap last weekend, but numerous 6-8 hour feasts quickly derailed that notion. That’s fine, though, because we get double-helpings of news this weekend! Kaiju news: Kicking things off with … Continue reading

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