News recap (making up for Thanksgiving edition)

Well, I thought there would be time to compose a news recap last weekend, but numerous 6-8 hour feasts quickly derailed that notion. That’s fine, though, because we get double-helpings of news this weekend!

Kaiju news:

Kicking things off with Shin Godzilla, the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Shin Godzilla was briefly listed on Yodobashi as getting a 4-disk Japanese home video release coming March 22. That’s gone now, so who knows if it’s still the case.



universal-godzilla universal-eva universal-titan


  • Remember that Amazon-owned Ultraman Orb spinoff? It’ll be titled Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga, and as a prequel, starting right after the source show wraps up on December 26. Wonder if Crunchyroll has any shot in that bid, given that seems pretty apathetic to its Japanese counterpart’s content.


  • The Ultraman Orb movie will hit on March 11 (exactly one day after Kong: Skull Island and one year after 10 Cloverfield Lane, fancy that).

Henshin Hero news:

  • Thanksgiving is the time for Garo announcements, and this year did not disappoint. First there was an extended look at the Zero-led upcoming series Dragon Blood:

Then a trailer for the previously-announced movie featuring Raiga, Gekkou no Tabibito (“moonlight traveler”).

  • Then a tease for Kami no Kiba (“fang of god”), which I’ve heard focuses on Jinga, the antagonist from Goldstorm.

Oh, and there’s going to be a new Garo anime series, too.

  • A trailer for the live-action Hurricane Polimar (that’s what they’re romanizing it to now, I guess) movie:

  • A grainy first look at Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger. Is that an orange sentai memeber? It’s unusual for them to go there before violet. And a female green? Bold choices here. The costumes are certainly evocative of Dekaranger, which is likely deliberate with the similar theme and revival in the works.


  • A trailer for Noboru Iguchi’s Slave Men. I guess his stuff doesn’t really come out in the US anymore, does it?


  • Fujiko F Fujio’s Super Salaryman Mr. Saenai is getting a TV drama, to be directed by comedy maestro Yuichi Fukuda (Hentai Kamen, The Hero Yoshihiko, Jossys). While I can’t say that was expected, it makes more sense than if Dr. Slump‘s Suppaman or Shigeru Mizuki’s Rocketman got a show.


Magical Girl news:

  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is finally getting a movie duology titled Reflection… it was teased back in 2013, and now has a release date for next year. It appears to be taking place between the second and third seasons, and will be including some of the characters who previously only appeared in the PSP game, which is a nice callback.

  • The Clear Card arc of Cardcaptor Sakura is getting a TV anime adaptation. What are the odds of 4Kids trying to change who the main character is this time?
  • The next Pretty Cure series will be titled Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode, with a  culinary motif. I’ve heard it’s difficult to watch stuff like Food Wars, Yakitate Japan, Wakako Zake, Toriko, etc, and not gain weight, so be careful.
  • Finally, there are official Sailor Moon condoms. While I personally won’t argue with the message they’re trying to get out, wouldn’t, say, Devil Hunter Yohko or Papillon Rose be a more fitting mascot?


Mecha news:


  • The Odaiba Gundam is getting torn down in March, as Gundam Front is shutting down. We’ll miss that statue, but maybe there will be a better one in the future.


  • I don’t know what’s weirder: the fact that we’re getting a female protagonist in a manga titled “Getter Robo High“, or the fact that it’s about mahjong. Either way, credit to the artist for encapsulating the appropriate level of vicious craziness.


Misc news:

  • This series of commercials for Digimon Linkz features Agumon interrupting people doing other activities to make them play the game.  It’s pretty much the most fascist video game marketing campaign since Segata Sanshiro.


  • The second Thunderbolt Fantasy Nendoroid is up for preorder, this time the villain Betsu Ten Gai. It’s a little conspicuous that we seen to be working our way through the bishies before getting to the actual main character, but it’s still neat to be able to add a figure of an obsessive collector to your own collection.


Whew! Well, that appears to be a wrap, but as always, please leave a comment if there’s anything we left out. Until next time!

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