Holiday hiatus…


Kevin and Amanda will be off on a whirlwind tour of Japan soon, so updates to this ‘blog will be unlikely until after Christmas. In the meantime, our list of recommended yuletide viewing still stands, along with a couple others:

  • Jumborg Ace episode 33: “Santa Rings the Devils Bell”
    A cackling alien dressed as Saint Nick goes around abducting children and trapping them inside vinyl dolls, which is suitably traumatizing, but he also marks his victims in advance like it’s The Ring. After a good deal of nightmare fuel, the authorities pursue the Santa down in a visually hilarious manhunt on foot (after some colossal screw-ups on their part; they used one kid as bait and the alien still got him!). If that weren’t messed up enough, this episode originally aired in August.


  • Ariel Deluxe episode 2 : “Great Fall”

The Christmas party makes only a small chunk of this episode, but it’s great fun for playing “spot the costume” – Mia is dressed as Miss Namikawa, Dr. Kishida as Dr. Serizawa, Dr. Amamoto as (fittingly enough) Dr. Shinigami from Kamen Rider, plus a hoard of extras ranging from Tiger Mask to Jamilla in the background. And you know, watching Ariel is always a good decision.


  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger episode 44: “A Lovely Christmas Eve”
    This episode has Battle Kenya make a cameo while dressed as Santa Claus, and one of Gai’s more memorable transformations:

  • Hayate the Combat Butler episode 1
    …or at least the first part of it:

  • An upcoming episode of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, I’m assuming:


Also, make sure to check out Rightstuf’s annual sale, for deep discounts on literally thousands of titles. If only we weren’t saving for a trip….


Expect the next update around New Year’s, merry holidays to all!

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