Weekly news recap: Lots of things will turn giant and fight monsters

This will be the last news recap for a while, but man, some of these are a doozy. (No Doozy Bots, though. That’s not what I meant.)

  • For the first time ever, an Ultraman movie will get official release to American theaters… two Ultraman movies, in fact! The Ultraman Ginga S and Ultraman X movies will be playing in multiple theaters across the States throughout January, on a double bill. These might not be the best the franchise has to offer, and the dubbing in the trailers admittedly leaves something to be desired, but getting to support the theatrical release of a Tsuburaya property is something beyond any expectations. Expect a few of the Maser Patrol crew at the Chicago screening January 15!
  • The Ultraman Orb movie’s trailer is out, and it doesn’t look half bad. Plus, Koji Moritsugu is back as Dan, so that’s always a plus.

  • LEDX, an indy kaiju flick with effects by Line the Barbarian‘s Yutaka Arai, is due to premier on December 24 in Japan.

attack on titan s2 anime


  • A nigh-giant-less teaser for Monster Hunt 2:

  • Finally, something almost as unexpected as the Ultraman X movie getting a US theatrical release: A sequel to Meatball Machine! Yudai Yamaguchi’s splatter movie about miniature aliens piloting human bodies augmented into biomechanical superweapons (designed by none other than Keita Amemiya) appeared to be completely forgotten, but Yoshihiro Nishimura’s brought it it back for another helping. This trailer is about as NSFW as NSFW can get, so… well, I warned you.

That’s a wrap for this week’s news; leave a comment if we missed something!

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