Kong count #64 – Iron Kong from Zoids

I spent literal weeks as a child assembling the complete line of Kenner’s Technozoids plastic robot kits. Some of them were more memorable than others (I still have my Battlesaurus), but one that always stood out was the Iron Kong. Iron Kong has been a staple of the Zoids franchise since the original 1983 line (more history here), and the robot gorilla is easily among its most iconic creations.

Of course, as a kid I didn’t know anything about the rich history of the brand (and if I’d read the Marvel comics I would’ve been given the wrong impression anyway), but with the eventual, albeit out-of-order, airing of the Zoids anime shows on Toonami, I eventually learned about the clashing factions of planet Zi. The best detail: in universe, the Iron Kongs were specifically built by the Zenebas Empire for the sake of battling the Helic Republic’s Gojulas (that’s “Zoidzilla” for you fellow Technozoid kids) units. That’s right, “build a giant ape to fight your dinosaur enemies” is a legit military tactic.

iron-kong-vs-gojulas-2 iron-kong-vs-gojulas-3

Of course, one villain commander in the show had a special red Iron Kong, because Char clones gotta clone.

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