News recap: Seven Seas suddenly blows us away

Time for a quick recap of announcements made this week!

  • With occasional exception (e.g. Tomodachi Monster), we tend to think of Seven Seas Entertainment as “just those folks with all that monster girl manga”. Their licensing announcements this week have grabbed our attention, however, and they will not be losing it any time soon (even if said titles do, to some extent, still feature monster girls).
    First, it looks like they’re increasing their output from excellent manga anthology mag Champion Red; they already had Franken Fran, but they added Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage (based on the Leiji Matsumoto classic, hitting October 3rd) and Devilman G (based on the Go Nagai classic, hitting October 17th) as well. While it would be ideal if the original Devilman (a classic) got a US release first, it’s exciting that Nagai is allowing his manga to be translated into English again (after the Verotik debacle), and it’s a step in the right direction. Plus, there’s a lot of other cool stuff in Champion Red, so while we’re keen to check out these titles, it’s a cool sign for the future on that front as well.
    harlock-dimensional-voyage devilmang
    But Devilman G wasn’t the only Nagai title that Seven Seas scored; they also got Cutie Honey A Go Go, Shinpei Itoh’s manga drawing on the Hideaki Anno film version (coming September 26 in omnibus form)! They have some other magical girl announcements that sound neat as well, such as Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka (magical girls conscripted into the military) and Unmagical Girl (about a henshin heroine dealing with everyday life). Lastly, and most surprisingly, they picked up an older title: the original Dragon Half, coming December 26!
    Wow… I’m getting dizzy from all these. Oh, did I mention they’re putting out the original Record of Lodoss War novel, too?
  • Arrow Video is releasing the Sonny Chiba Wolf Guy movie on BD/DVD on April 25. Looks like we can all upgrade from the fansubs!


skull-spider-toy skull-dino-monster skull-pterodactylus-toy

  • A trailer is up for Kyuuranger:

  • An ad for Tomica Rescue Drive Head, which is pretty Transformers/Braves series-adjacent.

  • Amazon has a new premium anime streaming service, Anime Strike. I’m not a huge fan of the amazon streaming interface, but for now, it seems like that’s the legal way of watching ViVid Strike.
  • Sadako vs. Kayako comes to Shudder on January 26.

  • An ad for Mamoru Oshii’s Sand Whale and Me, the five-part miniseries which starts March 18th on [adult swim].


Well, that’s a wrap for this week! Hope to see some folks at tomorrow’s Ultraman double-feature screening in Chicago!

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