Kong count #54 – Kongzilla

Godzilla cells appear to be plenty good for splicing, and if you don’t believe me, just ask Biollante, Space Godzilla, Orga, Bagan, King Godzilla, Raban, Barugaron… you get the gist. So, even if it’s non-canon, of course there’s a Godzilla-Kong hybrid out there. I’ll let Art Adams and Randy Stradley, of the Dark Horse comics run, explain:


Okay, technically they don’t say “King Kong” or “Godzilla” anywhere (note to self: make a future post about the gymnastics of making King Kong toys without calling them King Kong toys), but this comic is from the 1998 Bowen Designs model kit Kongzilla, which was a mainstay of hobby shops and convention circuits for several years. It’s a pretty cool design.


This wasn’t comics’ first Kongzilla, though, as a 1973 of PLOP! from DC comics (think Mad) has a 5-pager by that name. In fairness, it’s a pretty intuitive one.


With the beasts under one roof at Legendary, who’s to say we won’t get an official hybrid monster?

(See, this is Kong count’s post #54, and Godzilla came out in 1954, so… nah, actually I just decided to write a post in a hurry, and there’s not a lot to say on this topic.)

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