Kong count #51 – 1933’s animated parodies

King Kong has been parodied by famous cartoon characters numerous times, but, evidence of its immediate cultural cache, there were animated parody shorts playing theatrically in the very year of its release: the 12th Pooch the Pup short, “King Klunk” (September 4), and “The Pet Store” (October 28), starring some obscure character called Mickey Mouse. As usual, when given the choice between a Disney and non-Disney animation, I’ll recommend the latter.

I could write more about ’em, but it looks like both are up on youtube, and being shorts, you can just watch them entirely. Both are pretty fun.

These are also available on DVD collections of classic Woody Woodpecker (King Klunk) and Mickey Mouse (Pet Store) cartoons, in case they get yoinked from youtube (by Disney, Universal, or the ghost of RKO. Heck, RKO got the originals pulled from theaters!)

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2 Responses to Kong count #51 – 1933’s animated parodies

  1. Matt Ferrett says:

    Really digging this Kong-plete and Kong-prehensive coverage! I gotta back-track and hit all the ones I missed!

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