Weekly news recap: Kaiju galore!

This week has been a whirlwind of news for giant monster fans. Let’s start with Godzilla, because we always do:

  • First of all, the official website for the anime movie Godzilla (I’m still not clear if that’ll actually be the title, which is ambiguated as heck, or that awful “GZL” we saw a few months ago on the scripts) updated, with cast and new concept art. I’m not a huge voice actor nerd, but having Attack on Titan‘s Eren and Psycho Pass‘s Akane seem like big gets, and the concept art continues to not really look like anything seen before in a Godzilla movie. More is going to be revealed in March at AnimeJapan.


  • Toho Kingdom has a complete translation of Tomoyuki Tanaka’s proposed treatment of the 1980 Godzilla reboot Resurrection of Godzilla. Awesome work!


  • In continuing Godzilla news of a more disappointing variety, The Great Wall tanked in China, so Wanda has forced Thomas Tull to resign from Legendary. He’ll continue to be active in what’s officially branded the MonsterVerse for now, but since he was such a cornerstone in getting great genre content out of that studio, it seems the future may be a little more trepidatious for the likes of Pacific Rim.
  • Speaking of the MonsterVerse, a whole lotta trailers just dropped for Kong: Skull Island. They got giant octopus! They got actual nods to Godzilla! This is exciting.
  • We also got a look at the new Gypsy Danger thanks to John Boyega’s Instagram.


  • A trailer finally dropped for Colossal, which hits April 7.

  • It was reported that Warner Bros was working on an American Attack on Titan movie, but Kodansha denies it.

  • Another trailer for Power Rangers, I guess.

  • And an ad for Gavan vs Dekaranger!



That’s a wrap for this week; as always, leave a comment if we forgot something. Now to get back to Volton!

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2 Responses to Weekly news recap: Kaiju galore!

  1. kevzilla says:

    Earlier in the week, it was an announced that Shin Godzilla would have it’s UK premiere at the Glasgow Fright Fest.

    • kevnder says:

      Never been to Fright Fest, but based on what I’ve heard about the London one, it sounds like a good time. Hope the movie goes over as well with the Brits as it did with us!

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