Kong count #41 – Goroh from Ultra Q

The original King Kong was a major influence on Eiji Tsuburaya, so it makes sense that the creature would be incorporated early on into Tsuburaya’s flagship property. In this case, that is literally true, since the second Ultra Q episode “Goro and Goroh” featured a milk-guzzling monkey with a thyroid problem, Goroh, who was actually constructed using the King Kong costume from King Kong vs. Godzilla (the suit was returned to Toho for King Kong Escapes).

goroh goroh-b

What seems a little odd about Goroh is that, despite an early appearance in the show, and his silhouette being in the into for Ultraman, his story isn’t really ever referenced again. The episode ends with him being shipped off to Eilant Island, which should poise him for a return at some point, compared to the numerous monsters who cheat death to appear over and over. There were plans at one point to have Goroh and Garamon square off, but perhaps once Ultraman was in the works, the idea of a heroic monster was ditched in favor of transforming heroes.

That said, Goroh was far from the only oversized primate the grace the franchise. I won’t give each one their own blog post, but they’re all cool in their own ways.


Ironically, the one monster actually named “Death Kong King”, however, is a panda.


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