Weekly news recap: King of Monsters’ cast goes up to Eleven

When last we posted, we knew that Michael Dougherty had been drafted as writer for Godzilla: King of Monsters, and everyone sort of assumed that he’d be directing as well. It turns out this was correct, which was such a no-brainer that we didn’t bother with a special edition news post about it. Considering Dougherty’s history of having excellent young actors headline his movies, it also comes as little surprise that one of the stars of recent hit Stranger Things was chosen: Millie Bobby Brown, who played the psychic Eleven. This seems like good news, plus it gives us a chance to repost this image:


In other Godzilla stuff, Shin Godzilla won best picture at the Blue Ribbon awards, which is sort of a surprise for the genre, but also gratifying.

Now on to other news:

  • There’s a new kaiju girls manga in Shonen Sirius: it’s called Ultra Journey! As someone who’s made many jokes in the past about conflating the “twin tail” stylistic flourish with  the monster Twintail, I approve of the protagonist.


charanporan2 charanporan

  • Kyuuranger is looking pretty alright based on this promo.

  • Kamen Rider Brave is getting a spin-off net show, featuring Ouja from Kamen Rider Ryuki.


  • A pretty good promotion for Rings:

  • An ad for the Ao Oni anime movie, hitting February 11:

That’s a wrap for this week!

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