Kong count #39 – Titano from Superman

The first episode of Superman: The Animated Series I ever saw was “Monkey Fun” (season 2, episode 13). To this day, that show remains the best television adaptation of that property, and it’s somewhat amusing that one aspect that only appears in that episode and no other Superman show (if we’re not counting the Filmation shorts) is one of Supes’ most memorable antagonists, Titano the Super Ape.


The chimpanzee and best primate in the DCU (Grodd and Mallah can wish they were this cool) first appeared in Superman #127 in 1959, in an origin story warning about the dangers of space flight experiments (a hot issue at the time, obviously), as one such test caused their guinea chimp to grow colossal and shoot Kryptonite from his eyes. He quickly became a favorite and appeared in countless stories thereafter, in pretty much every age of comics. There’s no shortage of direct comparisons to King Kong, of course.

titanotitano3titano2  titano-5

There are a lot of other giant apes in the DC universe, but Titano keeps coming back, while, say, King of Congo, King Colosso, or Kingorilla don’t so much. Like any character at the big two US comic publishers, Titano has been reimagined numerous times, made a robot, a lab animal, there was even a Bizarro version and one in the far future. All I can say is that I hope we see him pop up on Supergirl soon!


…or, at very least, they could adapt this story:


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1 Response to Kong count #39 – Titano from Superman

  1. Matt Ferrett says:

    Hoo boy, fell down a weird rabbit hole Googling Bizarro Titano!

    I wish the DC movies would bring in some of their funkier villains like Titano instead of just doing Joker, Luthor, and Zod over and over again. Then again… I wish a lot of things about the DC movies.

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