Kong count #13 – Star-Spangled War Stories #110-111

With DC’s Suicide Squad at the top of its popularity last summer, the company put out a nice omnibus collecting the original run of stories from the 1950s and 60s. The silver age incarnation of Task Force X doesn’t much resemble the modern version (not a Batman rougue in sight), but it is awesome in that nearly every one of the stories has them battling some form of giant monster.

About halfway through the collection, it transitions from straight-up Suicide Squad adventures to Star-Spangled War Stories. That anthology comic flashed back to World War II, and its featured serial “The War that Time Forgot” brought various DC characters to the lost Dinosaur Island, including the young Rick Flagg.

Issues 110 and 111 (“Tunnel of Terror” and “Return of the Dinosaur Killer”) both have the heroes getting rescued from dinosaurs by a giant white ape:


As if that were not enough of an homage to Son of Kong, the creature (dubbed “Big Boy”) in the latter story is actually the son of the one from the prior.


The whole collection is worth checking out (honestly, I prefer the 1960s-set science fiction stories with stuff like malicious sapient dinosaurs from another dimension over the “more conventional” yarns on Dinosaur Island), and the fact that these two are so Kong-inspired is an excuse to endorse the book. (Also of note, DC’s omnibus has much cleaner art than the scans here; I just didn’t want to break its spine on my scanner.)


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