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Weekly news recap: A whole lotta Monster Planet news; a whole lotta other news

If this were a typical week, the highlight of Godzilla-related discussion might have been the two new sculpts coming out for the Bandai Movie Monsters series. The frozen Godzilla is the first real merch we have for Godzilla’s fifth form, … Continue reading

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Happy 50th to Guilala, Japan’s ridiculous kaiju icon

While we may be in a new kaiju boom, it’s dwarfed by the one half a century ago. 1967 was the zenith, with the televised conclusions of the original Ultraman, Space Giants, Akuma-kun, and Booska, with the debuts of Ultraseven, … Continue reading

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Godzilla (disambiguation)

Along with the Japanese home video release of Shin Godzilla came news of the title for the next film in the franchise (the Polygon Pictures anime release due out this year): Godzilla – 怪獣惑星, (“Godzilla – Kaiju Wakusei”) or “Godzilla … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 28: Kong – Skull Island

After that extensive countdown earlier in the year, we got to go see the new King Kong movie, Kong: Skull Island. In this episode, Kevin, Josh, Andy and Justin talk for longer than the movie’s run time, and mostly on … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap for 3/19

Not a whole lot to cover this week, but there were certainly a couple of note-worthy developments: Here’s a look at the new Devilman for Netflix: Devilman crybaby. (Between this and Cutie Honey Tears, I wonder if that’ll be a … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: This time with kaiju

There wasn’t any kaiju coverage last week, but this time we can make up for that! Terry Rossio, writer of the abandoned 1994 Hollywood Godzilla flick, is getting another chance, this time for Godzilla vs Kong! Here’s to another try! … Continue reading

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Kong count #1 – Honorable mentions

Well, after counting down all year, Kong: Skull Island is finally out! The Maser Patrol crew will be assembling a full review in coming days, but if you want a short version: “Go see it!” Hope you’ve enjoyed the series! As … Continue reading

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