Kong count #2 – King Kong (1933)

The original King Kong is a tremendous film. That it’s a classic, that it’s one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time, that it directly inspired an entire generation of movie makers, that it still holds up incredibly 84 years later… all of this should be self-evident, and I feel foolish even writing it down. But, if somehow you missed it, if you only watch Japanese monsters, or you’re put off by black-&-white, or you’re afraid of it based on something someone else has said: give this movie a shot. It’s engrossing. It’s witty. It’s energetic. Whenever I intend to only watch a scene I wind up sitting through the whole thing. It’s just that good.

So pick up the DVD or Blu Ray; this is a movie worth a place in anyone’s collection. Watch the special features; they’ll cover the making, nuance, and influence better than I could in a brief blog post, and there is certainly a lot to cover. If you can’t appreciate it after that… I honestly dunno, maybe adventure movies just aren’t your thing?

I think I’ll just go watch it again rather than writing any more….I wonder what tomorrow’s post could be?

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