Kong count #1 – Honorable mentions

Well, after counting down all year, Kong: Skull Island is finally out! The Maser Patrol crew will be assembling a full review in coming days, but if you want a short version: “Go see it!”

Hope you’ve enjoyed the series! As a final hurrah, here are a handful of titles that we didn’t  quite get to during the Kong Count, for some reason or another, but we very easily could have (maybe the series should have been 100 posts long instead?):

  • The Asylum’s mockbuster King of the Lost World, probably the highest-profile thing not covered here.

  • The Italian movie Eve the Wild Woman, which was re-titled King of Kong Island in the US, despite having only normal-sized gorillas. Best watched in the Rifftrax version.


  • The low-budget flick The Abominable, which as far as I know, isn’t available in its country of origin, but it is on DVD in Japan as Ice Kong.

  • The Abbot & Costello flick Africa Screams, which has a giant gorilla:


  • The X-rated parody Supersimian, which actually does have some decent stop-motion animation.


  • The 1945 film The White Gorilla, an edit of the 1927 serial Perils of the Jungle with an ape named “Konga”

  • The storied fan-film made at Toho, Wolf-man vs. Godzilla clearly draws on King Kong vs. Godzilla.


  • The artsiest Kong exploitation, 1978’s Bye Bye Monkey, which has someone adopt a chimp he finds in Kong’s corpse.

  • Multiple people have told me to watch the comedy King Kung Fu

  • The “Kong” episode of Alvin & the Chipmunks Go to the Movies


  • Great Watchuka from the Hanna Barbera’s Godzilla:


  • Hiroshi Kawamoto’s Monster King Godzilla, which brings back MechaniKong.

  • Shigeru Mizuki’s manga Kind Kong, about a giant Kinichi Hagimoto fighting a mole monster.

    kind-kong kind-kong-2

While we’re at it, how about Mizuki’s manga Mr. Primitive?


  • The Disney comic strip Gorilla Gorilla


  • Numerous short stories, like “Desperate” from Dark Horse Presents or Phillip Jose Farmer’s “After Kong Fell”.


  • The 2013 stage musical

  • The uncompleted 1934 puppet movie The Lost Island


And we haven’t even touched all of the works that inspired Kong, such as

  • The Lost World
  • Creation
  • The Dinosaur and the Missing Link, A Prehistoric Tragedy
  • Heu-heu, or the Monster
  • Isle of Sunken Gold
  • Paul de Chailu’s travel guides
  • Along the Moonbeam Trail
  • The Ghost of Slumber Mountain

There may be some other as-of-yet unrevealed titles to get to eventually as well. Good thing there’s already another King Kong movie planned for 2020!

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1 Response to Kong count #1 – Honorable mentions

  1. John Summers says:

    Thank you for your Kong Count series. It’s been a very informative ride. I knew King Kong had spiritual successors, mockbusters, cash-ins, parodies, and other obscure material; but not this much. By the way, you may want to make two small addendums to your Kong Count entry.

    For your entry on the lost Japanese Kong movies that came out in the 30s, a more accurate translation was recently found for one of them. Here’s a tumblr post that explains it.

    Also, for this entry, you may want to be a little bit more specific about which Abominable movie you are talking about. There are actually two Abominable movies that came out in the year 2006. The one you posted a trailer for is for The Abominable that from what IMDb tells me was directed was directed by Patrick G. Donahue. I have never heard of this movie until now.


    However, the movie I thought you would be referring to in this article before I read it would be the one that was directed by Ryan Schifrin simply titled Abominable (notice there is no “The”) which I saw once on the SyFy channel. This one is far more well known. Here are a couple of links to the IMDb page and the full movie


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