Weekly news recap: This time with kaiju

There wasn’t any kaiju coverage last week, but this time we can make up for that!

  • Terry Rossio, writer of the abandoned 1994 Hollywood Godzilla flick, is getting another chance, this time for Godzilla vs Kong! Here’s to another try!
  • Looks like Chofu will be hosting the 8th Amateur Kaiju Movie Contest on April 1. It’s cool to see how Kiyotaka Taguchi is still quite active in the independent kaiju scene.

  • Speaking of Taguchi, his segment Female Weapon 701 (what, no “Scorpion”?) will be one of the 28 segments in the upcoming anthology Tetsudon: Kaiju Dream Match. It has a giant Haruka Momokawa, who, presumably, actually could go on a date with Eleking.

  • A little more concept art for the Godzilla anime movie. Can’t it just be Anime Japan already? Do we really have to wait two weeks?

Non-kaiju stuff:

  • Kyoryuger is getting a Korean sequel series, Kyoryuger Brave….while I’m not sure how it’ll stack up against the Japanese series, at least it looks better than Zaido. Koichi Sakamoto (no stranger to hopping overseas to work on Power Rangers) is set to direct, so if nothing else it should maintain some tonal consistency with the original. If this is successful, I wonder if we’ll see similar cases like this in the future with other Sentai shows around the world; I’d much rather see an internationally-made sequel than an actor-replacement edit like we get in the US.

  • We have a trailer for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Part 1! They actually changed the color of the sky to make it look like the manga, and I’ve got a lot of questions about how well that works.

  • You can get Garo armor in the new Monster Hunter XX game:

  • A trailer for the pro-wrestling movie Dynamite Wolf. This one skews more realism than superhero-type wrestlers, but it may still be of interest.

That’s a wrap for this week; as always, leave a comment if we missed something!

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