Weekly news recap for 3/19

Not a whole lot to cover this week, but there were certainly a couple of note-worthy developments:

  • Here’s a look at the new Devilman for Netflix: Devilman crybaby. (Between this and Cutie Honey Tears, I wonder if that’ll be a theme? Like, will we get “Mazinger Wept” or “Dororon Enma-kun Lacrimation”?) It’ll be directed by the ever-stylish Masaaki Yuasa, and based on the stark black-on-red in this trailer, I’m sort of getting a Samurai Jack vibe.

  • Speaking of Netflix, they have worldwide rights to this year’s Godzilla anime film. Not much of a surprise, considering their past dealings with Polygon Pictures.
  • The Hollywood Reporter has a piece about Brave Storm. While the author doesn’t appear to recognize the project’s relation to Silver Kamen or Super Robot Red Baron, it’s cool to see it getting international press. If only Ronin Entertainment were still around to license it stateside!

  • We’ve got two trailers for different scifi comedies based on Shonen Jump manga titles, both directed by Yuichi Fukuda: Gintama and The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

  • The upcoming TV drama Frankenstein’s Love is apparently set in modern times, but you wouldn’t know if from looking at the main character’s fashion. The show (starting in April) will be a romance between the monster and a lady scientist, and presumably contains no battles against Baragon.

  • This year’s 17th and 18th issues of Shonen Sunday have a new Rumiko Takahashi miniseries, Millennium Innocence. It’s cool to see her doing shorts again (honestly, Rinne would have worked better as one).

That’s a wrap for this week, but as always, let us know if something got left out!

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