Weekly news recap: No foolin’

There was some great stuff to come out of various Japanese studios this April Fools’ Day, including:

  • There was a Super Sonico video titled “UltraSonico”, featuring Sonico as a giant fighting Eleking. Nitro yoinked it from Youtube after a day, sadly. Were they afraid that claims of it coming out in 2106 were true, or was there some sort of rights issue?

  • The Kamata-kun phone case has a page well-worth viewing, as it’s got some great in-jokes (e.g. the instruction manual comes as origami).

Okay, on to non-joke stories:

  • Katokutai has a new album Ultraman the Rock, with a whopping 25 Ultraman song covers!

  • Based on this tourism ad, I guess Ultraman is core to the Tokyo experience:

  • Another tourism ad, this one for the Kanmon strights:

  • A behind-the-scenes promo for Godzilla: Monster Planet. Be prepared to freeze-frame and read little text in the corners for ambiguous and mind-blowing details. Speaking of the movie, Anime Now has some details from a Q&A the director did at AnimeJapan.

  • The Asylum is working on Atlantic Rim 2. Did they forget that they had to rename the first Atlantic Rim when they released it?
  • The fourth Symphogear season, Symphogear AXZ, is hitting in July. This is a show that literally shoots for the moon, so it’s exciting news.

  • Also, a trailer for the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection movie:

  • A prequel to Thunderbolt Fantasy focusing on Sha Wu Sheng (or Setsumushou.. or “Screaming Phoenix Executioner”) is in the works. It’s based in part on the gaiden novel coming out this week.

That’s a wrap for this week! Expect next week’s recap to be delayed due to MonsterPalooza.

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